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Yes all of those are signs of being pregnant i read a book on pregnancy and that's some of the signs of being pregnant.


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Cold, rough clothing rubbing, sexual arousal, menstruation can all cause swollen nipples. So can pregnancy,but this is usually accompanied by some sensation in the breasts, if only a tingling.

swollen nipples is a sign of prgnancy, breast cancer, or just puberty.

Swollen breast can be caused by pregnancy or Ovulation, in some women before their period start flowing they experience swollen breast as a result of hormonal increase in the body. But a swollen breast that remains consistent and adds instead of reducing after one month could be pointing towards pregnancy.

The entire breast, including the nipples, can be sore at 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Swollen and/or tender breasts are usually among the first signs of pregnancy.

== == dno about the pregnancy one but the girl who has hard nipples is a retard

Can be. Can also be a sign of ovulation and that you are pre-menstrual.

Breast size increases during pregnancy or any weight gain.

Missed period, breast tenderness or swollen nipples, morning sickness, headaches.

mm i dont think so probably tho unless ur breast are swollen .

My breast typically hurt about a week or so before my period is due, but i have heard that swollen or tender breast can be signs of pregnancy.

if you have hardness and tender nipples- then may be pregnant joymaker rn

You are not supposed to start producing milk during pregnancy. You can express little yellowish fluid from the nipples, during pregnancy.

I suppose so. Mine was always hard but i also had tender breast everyone's different.

yes, breast changes significantly! They become bigger, firmer and the circles around nipples become much darker. At the end of pregnancy they sometimes start leaking colostrum.

Some symptoms of pregnancy are: # missed period # swollen/tender breasts # changes in breast color # frequent urination # fatigue

they are milk producing glands become swollen, your breasts are getting ready for lactation.

Yes, women with breast implants can have erect nipples.

late periods is not the sign of pregnancy but no period is. enlarged breast are signs seen before periods.

If this is your only sign I doubt that it is pregnancy related. Your t-shirt may irritates it,or your impending period can cause it. All the best.

Sometimes your nipples will get darker during pregnancy. This is caused by hormones. Your nipples will go back to their original color once the baby is born.

It can be both actually, But when I've been pregnant it is much more swollen and sore.

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