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Yes every parallelogram is a 4 sided polygon

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Can a polygon be a parallelagram?

No, but it can be a parallelogram.

Is every quadrilateral a regular polygon?

No not every quadrilateral can be a regular polygon.

Can every parallelagram be a rectangle?

Some of them are, but not all of them. A parallelogramis a rectangle only if all of its angles are equal.

Is every square a regular polygon?

Yes every square is a regular polygon.

How do you know when a polygon is a regular polygon?

If every side of the polygon is the same length, then it is a regular polygon. If the measure of every internal angle of a polygon is the same as every other, then it is a regular polygon. The two always go together, so you need to check only one of the above criteria.

How many lines of symmetry does a parallelagram have?

A parallelagram can be a square, which has four lines of symmetry or a rectangle which has two lines of symmetry but the generic parallelagram has zero lines of symmetry

What is the name used to describe a polygon having four sides?

Parallelagram, Rhombus, Square, or Rectangle are the ones with congruent sides. There are also shapes like Trapezoids that do not have equal sides.

Why is every rhomus a polygon?

A rhombus is a type of quadrilateral, which is a type of polygon.

Is an equilateral triangle always a polygon?

Yes. Every triangle is a polygon.

Is every 3 sided polygon a triangle?

Yes in fact every polygon with 3 sides the same is a triangle

What is the difference between a rhombus and a parallelagram?

a rhombus has all equal sides but a parallelagram only has two equal sides.

What polygon has two of its sides intersect?

Every polygon has two of its sides intersect.

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