ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling

Is he in ECW?

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What titles were in ecw in the 90's?

ecw world heavyweight championship ecw tag team championship ecw ftw championship ecw television championship ecw Maryland championship ecw Pennsylvania championship

Why didn't ecw join with wwf before the WWE came?

The "ECW" isn't the same ECW from back in the day. The current "ECW" has virtually no ties with the old ECW.

What is the current ECW Roster?

ECW no longer exists. NXT took it's place. So the superstars on ECW either went to RAW, SmackDown, or left WWE. Like: 1. Zack Ryder- ECW- RAW 2.Yoshi Tatsu- ECW- RAW 3. Christian- ECW- SmackDown! 4. Ezekiel Jackson- ECW- RAW 5. Goldust- ECW- RAW 6. Tommy Dreamer- ECW- TNA 7. Tazz- ECW- TNA 8. Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft- ECW- Smackdown! 9. Jack Swagger- ECW- Smackdown! 10. Matt Hardy- ECW- Smackdown- Left WWE- Possibly TNA soon 11. Mark Henry- ECW- RAW 12. Sheamus- ECW- RAW 13. Super Crazy- ECW- Left WWE 14. Evan Bourne- ECW- RAW 15. CM Punk- ECW- Smackdown- RAW 16. Bobby Lashley- ECW- Left WWE 17. Bella Twins- ECW- RAW 18. Chavo Guererro- ECW- Smackdown! 19. John Morrison and The Miz- ECW- RAW 20. Rob Van Dam- ECW- TNA

Will ecw return?

ECW will return eventually.

What channle is ecw on?

ECW no longer remains

Will christian be ecw champion?

* He IS the ecw champion!

Who is current ecw champion?

There is no longer an ECW championship but last ECW champion was Ezekial Jackson

Is vince McMahon going to fire ecw?

He owns ECW no he is not firing ECW...he is changing the name

What happened to ECW toys?

ECW toys were replaced with WWE toys. This happened when ECW was admitted into the WWE.

Tommy Dreamer is the hart of ecw?

ye he is the longest person on ecw and ecw will fall apart when he leaves

What is going to happen to the ECW superstars after ECW ends?

some ecw superstars will join raw and smackdown

Why was ecw cancelled?

It was cancelled for NXT. I miss ECW!:(

Is ecw real or fake?

ECW no longer exsists

What are the best ECW websites?

Go to and there is a section about ecw

What dose ecw stand for?

Extreme Championship WrestlingECW!!!!!!!!

Can you unlock ECW in svr07?

No you can't but SVR08 and SVR09 has ECW in it

Why is ECW no longer a show?

because it sucked and was not really ecw

Why did ecw go away?

beacse nxt replaced ecw

What is ECW?

ECW is a wrestling company and it stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling

What channel is ECW on?

ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) is no longer televised.

What channel does ecw come on?

ECW is on channel 68 for people that have comcast.

When nxt replaces ecw what happenes to the ecw championship?

it goes to nxt

What is the duration of ECW on TNN?

The duration of ECW on TNN is 3600.0 seconds.

Is ecw part of WWE?

yes WWE owns ECW so mr macmahon desided to finish ECW and have NXT AND WWE SUPERSTARSand the ECW people got to go to what ever brand they wanted to

Are all ECW Wrestlers in TNA now?

No, not all ECW wrestlers are in TNA. Only a few former ECW wrestlers are in TNA. Please see the related link for the ECW wrestlers that are apart of TNA.

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