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Please see your doctor right away. Although it may only be a cyst (that should be removed and can usually be done as out-patient surgery ... you can leave the hospital or clinic the same day) men can also get breast cancer just like women. I am not trying to frighten you, but make you realize that any lump a person has on their body should be examined by their physician and they make the call on whether it's something to leave in the body or have it taken out.

Good luck Marcy


I had a similar experience when I was a teen and my mom took me to the doctor. The doc said it was a normal part of puberty and that it would go away after a few months. It went away and I am fine. However, what you are experiencing may not be what I experienced. I remember having a "bump" directly under my nipple that would hurt like HELL if squeezed. I had only 1 at first, but then later it happend to the other side. You may want to get it checked out, but I wouldn't be too worried (if you are a male teen, anyway).

Well ya that happened to me to its probably puberty it goes away after awhile

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Q: Is it normal to have this pain in your nipple that feels like a rock when pressed upon it and when will it go away?
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What happens in the inside of a boys nipple during puberty?

If you have a lumple on the inside of your nipple is normal i had them went to dr and they were normal and went away in a couple months just dont mess with them

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Is it normal for your 12 year old sons nipples to hurt?

Well I actually had the same problem when I was 12 you know. It was like a lump underneath it and it hurt but it went away. Ask your son if he feels a lump. ************** Often boys will develop a small bit of breast tissue immediately under the nipple with the onset of puberty called gynecomastia. This is simply due to all the surge in hormones. This can affect one nipple or both, and can be tender to touch. This is very normal and will typically resolve in ~months.

When boys hit puberty do their nipples get puffy or swell?

This happened to me it is normal my nipple would get hard for a period of a couple months and any contact would hurt it will go away perfectly normal my doctor confirmed

What could be wrong if you are a male teenager and on one nipple it is bigger than the other and is more sensitive when you grab it and feels as if something is behind it?

Its most likely puberty i hear it happens to most teanagers its goes away after you have matured

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anwer the question please