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Yes , yes it is true :)

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Is a parallelagram a rectangle?

yes, but there are other shapes too.

How many lines of symmetry does a parallelagram have?

A parallelagram can be a square, which has four lines of symmetry or a rectangle which has two lines of symmetry but the generic parallelagram has zero lines of symmetry

Can every parallelagram be a rectangle?

Some of them are, but not all of them. A parallelogramis a rectangle only if all of its angles are equal.

What is the difference between a parallelagram and a rectangle?

A rectangle has 4 right angles whereas a parallelogram has no right angles.

What do you call a shape that has 4 sides?

A square a rectangle and a parallelagram or quadrilateral

Is a sqaure a parallelagram?

Yes it is. A square is a quadrilateral, a parallelogram, a rhombus, and a rectangle.

What is a 4 sided closed figure is called?

parallelagram: or it can be a sguare or rectangle or trapizoid

What four sided shape has two parrellel lines?

square,rectangle,rhombus, and parallelagram

Parallelagram with four right angles?

Rectangle.Note:It's enough to say that it has one right angle, and the result is the same.

How is a rectangle a parallelgram?

it is because a parallelagram is four sided shape with two sets of parallel sides ( sides the same length )

What are some differences of a reactangle and a parallelagram?

.A rectangle has 4 sides,[a rectangle is a parallelogram], two short, two long, but all of the lines are straight. a parrallelogram has all parallel sides [just like the rectangle, but can be diaganol. Such as a rhombus

Is a square and rectangle a parallelagram?

Yes, squares and rectangles are parallelograms. Any figure with two sets of parallel sides is considered to be a parallelogram.

What does a parallelagram look like?

A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with 2 pairs of parallel sides. Examples of such are rectangle, square, rhombus or diamond shape.

What has 4 right angles and 2 pairs of parallel lines?

a parallelagram lol (obviously) A Square/ rectangle

What have a parallelagram and a Rhombus got in common?

They are both quadrilaterals. The both have interior angle of 360 degrees. A rhombus is to a skewed square as a parallelogram is to a skewed rectangle.

You are a quadrangle have two pairs of parallel side of your angles are right angles you are not a square what are you?

parallelagram http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallelagram well specifically you would be a rectangle which has parallel sides like a square. a parallelogram can be a square or a rectangle because they all have parallel sides but only squares and rectangles have right angles on all sides. parallelograms have congruent sides which require acute and obtuse angles.

Is any fact that is true for every rectangle is also true for every square?

No. "The lengths of adjacent sides can be different." True for a rectangle, not true for a square.

How many acute angles are there in a parallelagram?

A parallelogram has 0 or 2 acute angles. If the parallelogram happens to have four right-angled corners, it is still a parallelogram (and a rectangle), but no acute angles.

What is the name used to describe a polygon having four sides?

Parallelagram, Rhombus, Square, or Rectangle are the ones with congruent sides. There are also shapes like Trapezoids that do not have equal sides.

Is it possible to draw a rectangle that is not a square?

By definition, no rectangle is a square - they are two different figures. If you draw a true rectangle, it is not a square - it is a rectangle.

Can a polygon be a parallelagram?

No, but it can be a parallelogram.

What is the difference between a rhombus and a parallelagram?

a rhombus has all equal sides but a parallelagram only has two equal sides.

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