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real Madrid is much better than Barcelona because real Madrid scored more goals through out the season and has much stronger players in the team such as Cristiano Ronaldo,benzema,xabi alonso,kaka,pepe,ramos,ozil,marcelo, and the best gaol keeper of all times casillas , so Barcelona won and we know but never forget that real Madrid played better but Barcelona had luck

^this guy basically knows nothing about football...

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What team is better Barcelona or real Madrid?

Real Madrid is better b-cuz Real Madrid has Iker Casillas and Barcelona does not have Ronaldinio only Messi but Messi is no match for Iker cassillas. So Real Madrid is better than Barcelona.

Is team Barcelona better than team Real Madrid?

Barcelona are a better team as they do not spend so much like Real Madrid does, Barcelona produce from their youth team, which Real Madrid does not do.

Is real Madrid better than fb Barcelona?

They are bitter rivals, but Barcelona ends up winning more often than Madrid......

Is Barcelona richer than Madrid?

Barcelona are richer than Real Madrid.

Is soccer team Barcelona better than Real Madrid?


Is real Madrid cf better than Barcelona fc?

yes.because the GK is better and in barcelona there are not so good headers.

Is Barcelona better than real Madrid?

No way because Real Madrid have beat Barcelona many times sad to say because I love FCB!!!♥️

Who is losing the game of Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

Real madrid will lose the match because barcelona is coming with more anger than madrid

Who is better real Madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid is nothing with out Cristiano Ronaldo, angel DI maria, misut osil, Karim benzema, and xabi alonzo and barca has a line of youth stars waiting play there for barca is 1,000,000 times better then real Madrid. We have proof of this in there match in 2009 Barca won 6 to 2 but real Madrid is a good team.When trying to decide who is the best team between Real Madrid or Barcelona it is clear that Real Madrid has won more major competitions than Barcelona.

How many more titles have Barcelona F.C than Real Madrid C.F?

None real madrid cf have more titles then barcelona fc

Which team has more honours - Barcelona or Real Madrid?

Real Madrid have more honours than Barcelona, having won 71 titles, while Barcelona have only 66.

How many goals has real Madrid?

more than barcelona

Who is better Real Madrid or Levante?

Levante better than Real Madrid

Are real Madrid better than barca?

Well,If you are talking about present so i would Say Fc Barcelona,But if you compare them with Their History as well,so real Madrid because it holds many much la liga's and champions league than Barcelona,But Barcelona at the present is much better than Real madrid because of their strongest line-up. plus,Barcelona's players' have perfect chemistry because most of them were trained by barcelona,so most of them are playing with each other since their childhood.

Which is better real Madrid or Barcelona?

Barcelona has beatin real madrid almost every game in the past 4 years except 1 in 4 years real madrid beat barcelona only once. now you think 5-0, 6-2, 2-0, 3-2, 3-1 cant prove that their better unless real madrid fans think 1-0 is better than all of them combined. i mean 5-0 is enough to prove whos better its called common sense

Manchester United the best team?

Not the best because there are a few teams better than us like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Who is better at football Real Madrid or Barcelona?

it is ofcouse Barcelona because Barcelona won Madrid 2 days ago 2barce-0, the first goal scored it the best player in the world Lionel Messi,and this was in their stadium at Madrid. 2nd time Barcelona won Madrid was at middle of the season (now we are at almost the end), it was at Barcelona stadium Camp Nou we won them 2-0 also so this year we are simply better than them. Infact i don't wana lie to you, I AM A LOVER OF BARCELONA AND A GREAT FAN TOO. But too bad for them we are better.

Who won more games in Barcelona vs realmadrid?

Real Madrid Won More Games Than Barcelona

When will neymar going to fc Barcelona?

never barcelona is going down because neymar is going to real madrid ohh yeah and neymar is so much better than messi

Are barcalona better than real Madrid?

no 5-0 was a luck real Madrid history real Madrid has beaten up barclona

Is christiano ronaldo better than messi?

Both have been considered best player in the world at least once and depending on if your asking a fan of Futból Club Barcelona or of Real Madrid Club de Futból you will be told no Christiano is worse and is a really crappy player (Barcelona fan) or yes, he is the greatest thing alive, what kind of question is that (Real Madrid fan). In my opinion Christiano is not better than Messi, and I am a Real Madrid fan so there are many reasons to have your own opinion.

Is real Madrid better than Chelsea?


Is fcbarcelona better than real Madrid?

yes.Also Messi Is Better than ronaldo

Is real Madrid historically better than any other football club in the world?

Yes I think Real Madrid is historically better than any other football club because they have won numerous amounts of trophy's and they work together, were as Barcelona has had players come in and out witch makes it harder for them to ajust and on Barcelona they have a player who gets all the credit (Messie) and the other players are just side icons.

Who is better Real Madrid or Galatasaray?

galatasaray is the best better than the rest

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