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no soccer is not hard to learn just know your position and stand by it.

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Q: Is soccer hard to learn?
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Is soccer hard?

soccer is challenging at the beginning but it get easy if you try hard and play hard

What are ten easy sports to learn?

golf, soccer, croquet, curling, soccer, baseball, basketball,, soccer, soccer, and soccer

Is juggling a soccer ball hard?

Kinda it depends if the soccer ball is light or hard.

What is soccer technique?

a soccer technique is a easy to learn,constant way to do a skill in soccer

How did he learn soccer?


How can you learn to do soccer trick?

Proper training and efforts requires a lot to do soccer tricks. Several videos and articles were available on the internet to learn the famous tricks. But only with your own interest you can learn and do the soccer tricks.

Is soccer hard to learn for a 13-year-old?

Soccer is no harder than any other sport, and a lot easier than most, to get the basics of - many start playing soccer before they are 10. After that it just takes practise.

How you play croquet not soccer?

To learn Croquet you have to learn the rules of Croquet and play accordingly. Soccer is a completely different game.

Where are the umpires for soccer?

Soccer does not ave umpires, soccer has referees. learn te sport before you play it.

What can you learn in Brazil?

soccer i guess

Is soccer an easy thing to learn?

Depends if your willing to put effort. Soccer may take days,weeks,months to learn.

How do soccer players become good?

You need to learn and understand the best drills for improvement and work really hard. has some amazing information.

How do you become a good soccer striker?

You need to learn and understand the best drills for improvement and work really hard. has some amazing information.

Are soccer players successful if they didnt play soccer when there were a child?

no matter what guys if you work hard and hard you get successful .

Is it hard to learn volleyball?

No but if don't have the willingness to learn the game then it will be hard

How can you be a professional soccer player?

you can become a professional soccer player by training hard and doing what you need to do but most importantly if you train hard and work hard at the soccer games you will cost more to join a team and you will get a lot of $

How hard can a soccer ball be kicked?

Very, very, hard.

How hard is it to get a spot on nippising soccer?

0 units of hard

How can you learn soccer skills fast?

get a coach

Is netball a harder game to learn then soccer?


Where can learn soccer tricks for for free?

by going at youtube. then type(how to learn soccer tricks) then if you watch the video you will know nice tricks. You can also learn free soccer tricks on my website I am a former pro soccer player and we make better soccer players through easy to learn from, free online soccer training videos. Players all over the world use it and it's free! We have a youtube channel too if you prefer that. It's

Is Malay hard to learn?

No. It is not. The alphabets are the same as English and grammar is not hard to learn.

Is it hard to learn Flemish?

How hard a language is to learn really depends on your motivation.

Is playing soccer hard?

It depends who you are. ^_^

How do you become a soccer trainer?

First you must learn how to play soccer the then tell you what do it's that sipihx