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no he not he is retire from the wwe

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yes the night after elimination chamber 2011

yes Undertaker is coming back in about march or April I'm guessing.

Yes, it is predicted that he will return soon to active competition

Yes,undertaker is coming back in 2012 but in wrestling mania 28

Yes he is coming back on September 4th on Smackdown

Yes the Undertaker is coming back verses the Big show very soon.

Yes he will come back to the wwe

yes he will return in 2.21.11

yes he is its was at summerslam and its Kane

His Injured Knee. And Yes He Will Be Coming Back Very Soon.

yes he is because i watch it i know now

Yes, it is coming out on the 23rd of January 2011

yes hes going to get buried then he is going back to smackdown

yes he will return but with month i don't know hes coming in february. 21st to be exact

yes the deadman undertaker is back on tv

Yes, he will be coming back to Raw.Yes, he came back February 21, 2011.Yes, he came back Februar 21.

Yes, Because he said after his Wrestlemania match on Raw and i Quote "When you come back Undertaker I will be waiting."

Yes. Undertaker returned on Raw February 21, 2011.

yes and he is going to destroy Kane & paul bearer.

yes undertaker will come back. its all just for entertainment.

Yes undertaker will come back on raw 2 21 11 my prediction is Kane will be the world heavyweight champion and will come brag on raw then the ubdertaker will come out

yes as soon as his soulder heels thin he will be back in wrestlmaine 27 am sure of that i think he will returns on feb 21 2011

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