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Seabiscuit reps, the hearts of the horse an how they can change the world because that's what he did.He was raced nearly 17 times before he actually one a race,then began to win more because he had heart an no one gave up on him

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What type of horse was sea biscuit?

Sea biscuit was a thoroughbred.

What is a hardtack?

Hardtack, also called sea bread or sea biscuit, is a kind of hard bread or biscuit made with flour and water only.

Irish times chequered flag crossword 'it takes the biscuit?

Sea i.e. as in Sea Biscuit the famous USA race horse

What is a clypeaster rosaceus?

The Brown Sea Biscuit.

Can a sea biscuit be a sea star?

No. Sea biscuits and sea stars are both echinoderms, but they are different animals.

Family guy Who is Biscuit?

It is Sea Biscuit and it is Peters father inlaws race hound that Brian knocked up.

How many types of sand dollars are there?

* Flat Round (common sand dollar) * Arrowhead * Pancake * Sea gopher * Sea Biscuit * Keyhole Ocean Sanibel Laganum Sea Biscuit Tropica Mandala

What is a Roman Plantations?

a duck riding a monkey like sea biscuit

How much did seabiscuit weigh?

Sea biscuit weighed 110 lbs.

What is or was Sea Biscuit?

it is the name of a famous race horse. A movie was made about this horse.

What kingdom is the inflated sea biscuit?

Sea biscuits are related to sand dollars. Both are echinoderms and are related to starfish, sea cucumbers, sea lilies sea urchins and brittle stars.

Did the Leaning Tower of Pisa represent anything?

It is a bell tower it doesn't represent anything

Any movies or cartoons about horses?

Black Beauty, National Velvet, Sea Biscuit

How did sea biscuit die?

May 17, 1947 Seabiscuit died from a heart attack

Are there any legends of horses?

yes there are. Thunder, Spirit, and Sea Biscuit, to name a few.

Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?

Hell Yes, Anyone Would!! Chocolate Biscuit's Are Irresistable And Epic. Anything For A Chocolate Biscuit!;) .Seriously, It Depends What Your Risking;L .

What is a sogy biscuit?

a soggy biscuit is a wet biscuit.

What does Christmas Ornaments represents?

They don't represent anything. They are just used for decorating. They could represent anything.

What does the sea represent?

The sea represents water. As such, fish and such. Thus, the sea represents fish. Fish represent food. Food represents fat people. Fat people represent America. The sea represents America in all it's glory. I am the walrus.

What do leopards represent?

They are living creatures. They don't represent anything.

Why is biscuit called biscuit?

Biscuit is latin for baked twice.

What is sailor boy pilot bread?

Inexpensive and long-lasting, it is and was used for sustenance in the absence of perishable foods, commonly during long sea voyages and military campaigns. The name derives from the British sailor slang for food. It is known by other names such as pilot bread, ship's biscuit, sea biscuit, sea bread.

How tall was Sea Biscuit the Racehorse?

Seabiscuit stood at 15.2 hands or about 5 feet 2 inches.

What year did Sea biscuit win the triple crown?

Seabiscuit did not run in the TC as a three year old.

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