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yes with ease

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Q: Is travis pastrana the greatest free-styler of all time?
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When does travis pastrana plan to move out of his parents house?

Travis doesn't live in his parents' house and hasn't for a very long time.

What is Travis Pastrana's official fan phone number?

An official fan phone number for Travis Pastrana is not known at this time. He does have a Twitter account. See the Related Link.

What Motocross legends are there?

Bob Hana,Kevin Windham, Germey Megrath, Travis Pastrana, Chad Reed, Ricky Carmichael (the goat greatest of all time), James Bubba Stweart and new rising star is Ryan Vilepoto.

Does travis pastrana ride motocross?

Not full time anymore, he has full time commitment with his rally car team. He did race at the St Louis supercross in March 09.

Is Travis Pastrana still alive?

Yes, in fact Travis will be racing the St. Louis Supercross (3/21). Travis has spent most of his time the past few years racing Rally cars and working on his latest project, Nitro Circus.

Is Travis Pastrana single?

Indeed he is single, It's going around that he's dating Sarah Whitmore, But they are just friends, Sadly, he has said he has no time for dating D:

Who is the most famous freestyle motocross rider?

Right now it would have to be Travis Pastrana. Maybe not the best but he has promoted and done more for the advancement of freestyle than any other rider at this time.

How much money does Travis Pastrana make in a year?

I have never seen any figures associated with Travis. It would be big with motorcycles, rally cars, endorsements and videos. I would have to say that is between Travis and his taxman. At one time, Forbes listed him at making $3 million a year. He was on the highest paid action sports athletes list.

Is travis pastrana a Christian?

The only thing I know about Patrana's faith: Just before he backflipped the monster truck on MTV's Nitro Circus he said "Lord I put this into your hands." Also, Greg Albertyn is a Christian and was Pastrana's teammate for a short time.

What has the author Mark Travis written?

Mark Travis has written: 'Stumped' 'Time'

How old was William B Travis?

At the time of his death Travis was 26 years old.

Where can one find video footage of Travis Pastrana performing a double backflip at the X Games?

Official footage of Pastrana's performance can be found on Red Bull's web page, where it is rated as one of the top 5 all time X games motorsport performances. There are also many clips and related footage on YouTube.

What is freestyle motor X?

It's when people go on bicycles with high power motors and do flips and other cool, crowd appealing stunts for an alotted time and the winner is determined by judges. judges are usually retired riders and stuff. X-games has the most popular event and the most popular rider is probably Travis Pastrana.

Who is the fastest dirt bike rider in the world?

There are several extremely talented motocross and supercross riders. Jeremy McGrath is considered the king of supercross, and was a star in his time. There are many talented riders today including James Stewart, Justin Barcia, Davi millsaps, and Chad Reed. But overall, Rickey Carmichael is regarded the greatest of all time (the G.O.A.T) as he won a unheard of 10 championships with 3 undefeated seasons. In essence, he is considered the best motocross rider. In endurocross racing, David Knight is a strong rider that is extremely talented. in FMX, many consider Travis Pastrana to be the greatest because of his style and ability to perfect tricks none others can such as the double backflip.

In Old Yeller why did Travis take Jumper hunting with him?

you could say jumper was travis 550 Yamaha ATV at the time.

What is Travis Barker's official fan phone number?

An official fan phone number for Travis Barker is not known at this time.

How many medals has travis pastrana won?

1999 - Pastrana wins the first ever MotoX Freestyle event at the X-Games. He also scored the highest ever run of 99.00 points.2000 - Pastrana wins the gold medal first time2001 - Pastrana wins his third gold, still the only person to win the event.2003 - Pastrana reclaims his gold and becomes the second rider ever to complete a 360 in competition.2004 - Pastrana crashed trying a 50ft 360, sustaining a concussion, but was able to compete the next day and won a silver medal. Nate Adams became the only rider to beat Pastrana at that time. Before this event, he had won Bronze in Best Trick, performing a One-Handed 360 and a Superman Seat Grab-Indian Air Back flip.2005 - Pastrana won his fifth gold in Freestyle and also attempted the first ever Back flip Barspin on a motorcycle, however the bike failed and he resorted to a regular bike and performed a Back flip Saran Wrap to take Silver in Best Trick.2006 - Pastrana became the third athlete to win 3 Gold medals at one X Games Event. He won Gold in MotoX Best Trick and Freestyle and Rally Car. Pastrana also performed the first Double Back flip in competition, scoring a 98.60, the highest score in the Best Trick competition at X Games.2007 - Pastrana took bronze in Rally after sliding into the other drivers area while inside the Home Depot Center. He was disqualified but retained his medal. He also competed in the first MotoX Racing at X Games, but didn't achieve a medal after 2 false starts in the heat race and last chance qualifier.2008 - Pastrana takes gold in Rally and competed in the Speed and Style event but didn't place.2009 - Pastrana attempts a rodeo 720 at X Games 15 in the Moto X Best Trick Event. He crashed on his first attempt and withdrew from his second after having blurred vision. He placed 4th for his efforts. He took silver in Rally after being defeated by rookie and former Indy Car/Indy 500 champion Kenny Bräck.

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Who is Tennessee Volunteers all time leading rusher?

Travis Henry

Who is the greatest highflyer of all time?

The greatest highflyer of all time is Ricky Steamboat.

Joe Montana is the greatest qurterback of all time?

he is the greatest of all time. no doubt

How old is Travis Jackson?

Travis Jackson was born on November 2, 1903 and died on July 27, 1987. Travis Jackson would have been 83 years old at the time of death or 111 years old today.

Who holds the record for the longest car jump?

Not anymore. The longest jump with a car has been made by Travis Pastrana: Long Beach, Calif., Jan 1, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Motor-sports competitor Travis Pastrana started the year with a bang by registering the longest jump to have ever been scored in a rally car on Thursday night. The much acclaimed stunt performer created history as he jumped off the Pine Street Pier and successfully landed into a floating barge. With the astounding jump, Travis Pastrana broke the Guinness World Record of 'longest jump in a rally car'. The entire event was aired live on the ESPN network which provided the viewers the much needed entertainment that they were looking forward to on new year's eve. Reportedly, the 26 year old stunt performer delivered a jump which unofficially turned out to be of 274 feet, shattering the earlier record of 103 feet. The much anticipated event witnessed the presence of around thousands of enthusiasts and at the same time the live show also received wide viewership. The event turned out to be an extremely entertaining experience for all the spectators who were holding their breath as Travis Pastrana flew across 200 feet of water and made a successful landing at the barge. His Subaru rally car broke the record just few minutes after the new year was ushered in. The car skidded sideways and hit the wall of the barge but the stunt performer went ahead and delivered a backflip into the water. Meanwhile, Travis Pastrana is known for his action sports and has won multiple championship over the years that include super-cross, motocross as well as rally racing. The champion sports star shot to fame when he won the X-Games in the year 1999. The longest ramp jump, with the vehicle landing on its wheels and driving on, is 237 ft (72.23 m) by Ray Baumann (Australia) in a Chrysler VH Valiant at Ravenswood International Raceway, Perth, Western Australia, on August 23 1998.

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