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People think that he got buried alive by Kane and The Nexus.

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Undertaker is not in India right now

He is resting and recovering from a injury as well., maybe his ranch.

The undertaker is not available right now. I'm studying to be an undertaker.

undertaker used to be very scary.. but he isn't as scary now. Boogeyman is scary to well more weird than scary so im gonna say undertaker

The undertaker is 6.10 and 1/2

No, he did not. The Undertaker is alive and well.

If you mean what will happen now and if you are referring to hell in a cell 2010 well then no-body knows!

The Undertaker was "supposedly" attacked on memorial day so for right now he is missing on Smackdown.

If you are talking about the 1990s then it is the undertaker, but if your talking about now then it is the rock.

undertaker is well respected by most fans.

No that is just a character. The Undertaker is alive and well

Well, they are on two separate brands, going after the titles of those brands. Kane is on ECW. Undertaker is on Smackdown!. Every now & then they do team up.

== == An Undertaker prepares a deceased person for burial. well... undertaker is also a wrestler in wwe and before wcw.

Michelle Mccool is with undertaker but soon to be Actually, they are now married.

No, as of now. The Undertaker is too old to wrestle. More over is must have retired till now.

The Undertaker. His streak is now 19-0.

No he did not die. The Undertaker is alive and well.

i would say undertaker. because undertaker is way more experience than cena and defeated many legends. He defeated goldberg once. john cena never defeated him. Well thats all folks. now you know who is richer

what is the weight of undertaker now? Undertaker is 6'10 1/2 & weighs 273 & Kane is 6'9 & weighs 305

the fake Kane is not undertaker, it is festus well sorta he use to in the WWF

well it only happens when undertaker comes in

well undertaker has never fought his self but there was a fake undertaker that looked the same and they could of fought but they haven't yet.The fake undertaker and the real undertaker once were both fighting at the same time with a different person each and the fake undertaker lost and the real one won.

The Undertaker is 15 and 0 at wrestle mania, and Shawn michaels tried to end his winning streak last year at wrestlemania. Now this year Shawn michaels is calling out the undertaker again, and i think he is more determand than ever to beat him. well watch and fond out.

The Undertaker has dated Maryse Ouellet and Michelle McCool. He is now dating Melina Perez.

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