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The top ten highest paid payers are football players and Basketball players. They both get paid millions.

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the most paid player in the world is goof

in 2009 the highest paid soccer player was ronaldinho,with $29.5 million U.S. dollars.

Chtristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer.

top ten highest paid rugby players

The actor Will Smith is the youngest and highest paid black star.

That one AMAZING soccer dude... (THATS ONE =])

who was the highest pay player in premiership

Ronaldinho must be the first highest payment in the world

Tiger Woods is the highest, he has been for a while. Not sure about the rest

Robinho is 1. He gets paid £160,000 a week. Dont no the other 9

The highest paid soccer, as far as know, is Jose Mourinho, currently manager of Real Madrid. He is getting 10.000.000 per season, with a 4-year contract.

Answer1.Tiger Woods - Golf2. Kobe Bryant

Rooney is paid about ten thousand pounds a week but the richest player is Cristiano ronaldo.

i dont know about 2007 but as for 2008 i would have to say lil wayne

I think one of them is stone cold Steve Austin and john cena

The top ten highest paid footballers in Europe are 1)Fernando Torres 2) Steven Gerrard 3)Jamie Carragher 4)Javier Mascherano 5)Dirk Kuyt 6) Ryan Babel 7) Pepe Reina 8)Yossi Benayoun 9) Glen Johnson 10)Fabio Aurelio and then the crap player 1 million place)Cristiano Ronaldo and man utd

There are many high paid celebrities in the Philippines. The top ten highest paid celebrities are Manny Pacquiao, Sharon Cuenta, Willie Revillame, Vilma Santos, Ricky Reyes, Dolphy, Kris Aquino, Lucy Torres, Bong Revilla, and Vic Sotto.

double hat trick in less than ten minutes by defoe

The highest paid baseball player in the MLB is the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod signed a $252 million ten year deal with the Texas Rangers after the 2000 season. Seven years later, after collecting almost $200 million of that contract, he opted out of the last 3 years and signed a new $275 million deal. The new deal has incentives that could take that deal over $300 million.

The top ten highest paid country singers are Toby Keith, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Zac Brown Band, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, George Strait and Florida Georgia Line. They earn an average of $30 million dollars.

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