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Michael Phelps is the athlete that has won the most Olympic medals in history to date. He is the youngest of three children. His father is Michael Fred Phelps and his mother is Deborah Sue Phelps. He has two sisters called Whitney and Hilary.

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Q: Michael Phelps family?
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Who is Michael Phelps family?

Michael Phelps comes from a family of 5. His dad, Fred, his mom, Debbie, his sister Hilary and his sister Whitney, than baby Michael (all in age order)

Is Michael Phelps' father the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church?

No, differant Phelps family.

Does Michael Phelps speak to his father?

The Phelp's family has not released such a statement.

Did Michael Phelps' dad die?

The Phelps's family has not released such information.

Who is jaycie phelps family?

cheryl phelps jack phelps and brian phelps

What does Michael Phelps do with his money?

Micheal phelps uses his money mostly to support his family. He also uses it to buy swimming equipment. He donates a lot every year to charities. Then the rest is for pleasure.

What is debbie phelps political affilation?

The phelps family are democrats

What has the author John Phelps written?

John Phelps has written: 'Family memoirs'

Who is Micheal phelps father?

Michael Phelps father is named Fred and worked for the Maryland State Police. His mother is named Debbie and is the principal of a middle school. His parents were divorced in 1994. According to an article in Men's Journal, Phelps' father walked out on the family without warning when he was 7.

What has the author Alanson Hosmer Phelps written?

Alanson Hosmer Phelps has written: 'Genealogy and a short historical narrative of one branch of the family of George Phelps since the founding of the family in America by William and George Phelps in 1630'

What has the author Oliver Seymour Phelps written?

Oliver Seymour Phelps has written: 'Genealogy of Othniel Phelps, Esq., of Aylmer, Canada West' 'The Phelps family'

What effect do huck and tom's warnings have on the phelps family?

The effect that Huck and Tom's warnings have on the Phelps family is that is terrifies the family. Tom and Huck had sent a warning letter to the Phelps to warn them that an Indian tribe helping Jim escape.

Why was the Phelps family frightened?

because of the letters

What did the Phelps family do to protect itself when they felt threatened by Tom's letters?

The Phelps family asked some neighbors to stand guard over their farm.

What is Michael Phelps' weakness?

having the condition ADHD and drinking ,driving and also drugs, Also his childhood with his father leaving him and his family at only age 9 or 10

How much do you get paid if you win a medal in the Olympics?

Individual Sports50,000 naira for a gold medal25,000 naira for a silver medal10,000 naira for a bronze medalTeam Sports/Relays$50,000 for a gold (family splits money)$25,000 for a silver (family splits money)$10,000 for a bronze (family splits money)For example: In the 2008 Olympics Michael Phelps got $37,500 for realys and $250,000 for individual events. So a the end of the 2008 Olympics Michael Phelps had made $287,500!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the unknown friend that writes the letters to phelps family?


How did Michael Phelps become a swimmer?

The reason Michael Phelps actually became a swimmer because his older sisters Hilary and Whitney were swimming all the time and so naturally Phelps followed the family tradition and it turned out he was better than either of his older sisters. It was not because he had a perfect body alignment because 9/10 the most successful swimmers in the world are not built for swimming, but he succeeded in swimming because he had the most determination and probably the best coach in the world Bob Bowman.

Does Michael Morpurgo have a family?

yes Michael morpurgo has a family

To whom does Jim get sold?

Silas Phelps, a small farm family.

Are Michael Jackson's family Haitian?

Michael Jackson's family are from Africa

Is Phelps Jewish?

His family name is listed in the "Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames"

Who played Michael Keeton in Family Ties?

no one. the Keaton family in Family Ties had no member named Michael. Michael J. Fox played Alex P. Keaton. There is an actor named Michael Keaton.

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No Michael's family did not see him die. The family was in the kitchen when Michael died and the maid found him dead and then called the police.

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