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My eligability is to take care of the people of my town. not to rise to much taxes for the home owners. I would like to see my town growing with a new hospital. And to created more business?

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February 11, 2011 5:04PM


middle class

To become a mayor of a local government, such person must live

locally to know the people and culture very well.

-such person must be a citizen of the country and of high

integrity. some one that is very hardworking, law abiding, honest,

transparent, helpful, visionary and focus. Someone the youth can

relate with and seen as role model

- The person must also not be a partisan person as he would be

there for the overall interest of the community and ensure peace

reigns at all times. He should be the person that is very

constructive, progressive and pragmatic in his thoughts and


- The person must be someone who is very accessible, receptive,

educated to some extent, probabaly to first degree level, level

headed and open to constructive criticism.

The person must be the spoke person for the community and ensure

that the economic and social developments of the people are

realised by being a team player , serving as check and balance on

the local government and the state. He should be a thinker, planner

and ensure the people and environment are protected.

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