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Name two positions on defense on football?


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Linebackers and safeties


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Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense are two cabinet level positions.

On offense in American football there are a center, two guards, two tackles, two ends, and four backs including a quarterback. On defense there are at least three defensive linemen, three to four linebackers, two safeties, and two cornerbacks.

yes, yes you can because college football is something like middle school football i play two positions runningback and safety

the goaltender, two defense man, and three forwards

In the NFL there are very few players who play two positions. Typically, if they do it is either on offense or defense and then possibly a special teams position.

Two strikers, two forwards to the side, two midfielders, and four defense, along with the goalkeeper.

This question can be answered two ways. The number of players per team for American football is 11 offense and 11 defense. There are also usually two different kickers-- kicker and punter. However, kickers can play other positions on the roster. The total number of American football participants is well over 1,200,000 worldwide.

A 4-3 defense is a defensive front that consists of 4 defensive linemen (typically two tackles and two ends) and 3 linebackers.

If a team attempts a two point conversion after scoring a touchdown and the ball is fumbled and recovered by the defense or if a pass is intercepted by the defense who then run the ball back to the other end zone the defense team will be credited with the two points. This is called a defensive conversion. Note that this rule only applies in college football. In the NFL, the defense can't score on a point-after attempt.

Because you are allowed to have one on offense and one on defense.

Safety and Touchback are not "positions", they are the results of a play, and they do have opposite definitions at this time. A Safety is scored when the offense is tackled in the endzone and awards the defense two points, and the ball. A touchback is declared when the defense takes possesion of the ball (by interception, fumble recovery, punt, or kickoff) in their own endzone and elects not to try to return the ball upfield. A touchback awards the ball to the receiving team at their own 20 yard line. Own in football describes the side of the field the team is defending. You score points in the opponents endzone.

Points are not given for a Touchback. I believe you are confusing this with a Safety, where two points are awarded to the defense.

Jamaica does not have a Minister of Security and Defense. There are two government positions, the Minister of Defense, and the Minister of National Security. The current Minister of Defense is Bruce Golding (who is also the Prime Minister), and the current Minister of National Security is Dwight Nelson.

The Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Commerce, etc. are cabinet level positions in the president's cabinet. There are currently 15.

what are two cabinet-level positions

Secretary of State, Secretary of Homeland Security just to name 2 of 16

Not many sports have corners in them. Football and field hockey are two sports that have corners. Some say it is one of the hardest positions one can acquire.

The two famous football stadiums in Spain are The Nou Camp and theSantiago Bernabaue at Madrid.

The cornerback plays a different part of the field than the safety does. Depending on what defense is being played the two positions have separate jobs or zones to play in.

About the same as any other hockey. Usually three forwards Maybe one mid Two defense One goalie I play so I know ^.^

Two players and an umpire are the main positions of tennis.

e makes two plates jerk into new positions

For American football: Twenty-two, or eleven per team. In the Canadian Football League, there are 12 players on the field for offense and defense. There are 11 players in NFL Football. High school teams may be 11 man or 9 man teams in the US.

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