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Number of fans for Newcastle football club?


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Newcastle united are a proud club, and it has a big following, how much is that 1n 2008 report by auditors it stood number 20 in the world richest clybs. Please note this is the only club who were playing in the second division to be in that list.


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Yes the Newcastle football club is a good and proud club, they have very good home support from fans.

No I believe it is Manchester United at just over 75million fans.

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Manchester united has the most fans in the world !!!

The Albanian National Football Club FaceBook page says that there are approximately 279,000 fans

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Barcelona does it has the highest fans towards it in the world.

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People who are fond of football as well as a certain club are fans.

The club with greatest amount of supporters is Flamengo FC. I could not stand people putting Manchester United because not only is it not true, but outdated according to a census taken this year.

As of 22/02/2011 the club has 53,244 paid up members for the upcoming season. The Collingwood page on Facebook has 111,915 followers. There is no definitive survey of how many fans football clubs have.

Manchester united has the largest number of fans, followed by Real Madrid.

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they are not anti-british. Glasgow had a large number of Irish immigrants during the 19th century. They set up a football club and the Irish in Glasgow followed this club. these people are proud of their roots and the history of the football club. many in Ireland follow Celtic also.

The best football fans in the world is England Football fans.

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