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mint would be 1000 1100 near mint(meaning a little yellow at the bottom some ripping of material) 700 800

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Who invented the first pair of Jordans?

lorenzo adolphus Forrest invented the first pair of jordans .But Nike invented all of the jordans in 1985

Where was the first pair of Jordans invented?

The first pair of Jordans was the Nike Air Jordan 1 which was released in 1985 in Jordan's rookie year.

What year did the first pair of retro jordans come out?


What are your 1984 Air Jordans worth?

What are a pair of 1984 air jodans worth

How much did the first pair of Air Jordans sell total in 1985?

Approximately $60 varying based on where and when you bought it.

How much is your original pair of Jordan XI shoes worth?

about $100.00 dollars for a regular par of jordans

Are the first pair of Air Jordans ever made worth more or less if they are baby shoes?

no there not baby shoes

Who invented the first Air Jordans?

nike and Micheal made first pair of jordans

How much does it cost to make a pair of jordans in china?

$3 a pair

Did Michael Jackson own a pair of Jordans?

No he did not own a pair of Jordan's

How many pair of jordans are there?

wallah i dont know

How much did a pair of jordans cost in 1996?


What are basketball shoes called?

They are just called basketball shoes. If you have a pair of Air Jordans, they are often called "Jordans."

Are jordans with air max bottoms real or fake?

I think they real cuz i have a pair of retro 10 jordans

Where can you buy jordans online?

you can get a new pair of jordons at ebay

What pair of Jordans are the most expensive?

jordan rtetro 4 dorenbacher

How much does a pair of Jordans cost?

it just depends on the stlye.But ussually a pair cost around $105.99 or higher

Is it better to buy Protege basketball shoes than Jordan's?

look i had a pair of black proteges for a year or 2 in size 10.5 . right now in 2012 i like wearing a 11. so when i put the protege they feel like they can blow out jordans !! i have a pair of jordans to but i think the protege r more comforable. honestly jordans are almost the same as any bastetball shoes. but depending who u are either buy cheap and get something that is worth more than the price or get something with just cool colors for a hell of a lot more money. they feel almost the same.

Where is the best place to buy Jordans?

Finishline, Footlocker, and Foot Action are the top stores to purchase jordans. Shoes baught from the internet can be different from what you expected, or dirty. Buying them in person ensures you are buying a good pair of Jordans.

Does santa buys jordans?

santa does buy jordans.if you wanted jordans for christmas and your parents dont let you get a pair santa will. the last thing you want is one of the presents that you are hopeful to get.

How much does Michael Jordan make off every pair of Air Jordans sold?


Who make more money Jordans or Adidas?

Jordan Brand is a relatively small company compared to Adidas, the mother company to several lines of shoes. If you compare the average price of Jordans to the average price of a pair of Adidas, Jordans are the more expensive shoes. Hoever, overall, the Adidas company is worth more than the Jordan company because they make a heck of a lot more shoes. Jordan Brand, on the other hand, is a daughter company of Nike. Nike is worth about $25 billion and Adidas is worth about $21 Billion.

A sock drawer has 2 blue pair 4 white pair 4 black pair?

A sock drawer has 2 blue pair, 4 white pair, 4 black pair. What is the probability you will pick out a black pair?

Where can you get some cheap but real pair of jordans?

Try finishline or famous footware, they all have great shoes

How long have Nike Air Jordans been made?

The first pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes were released in 1985. New designs have been released yearly since then, and the shoes are wildly popular and often kept as collector's items.

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