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Period late tummy sore breasts sore could you be pregnant?

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You very well could be pregnant. Get a pregnancy test if your suspect pregnancy.

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Hi, Yes you could be pregnant but it is also possible that your tummy upset has caused your period to be late.

Well, it could be just period symptoms, i.e., breasts are growing and your bloated, but if you've actually noticed your stomach is considerably bigger I'd say youre pregnant for sure. Take the First Response test and find out.

No, it does not. It only makes your tummy bigger if you get pregnant. :P And if you do get pregnant, your breasts and your butt grow with your tummy...but on its own, nothing of the sort.

Yes you could be pregnant or you could have a tummy bug. Do a pregnancy test when your period is late.

Yes you could definitely be pregnant but your tummy isn't normally hard unless your about 5 + weeks pregnant. Do a test and see your doctor.

Breast tenderness is one sympton of pregnancy, but my breasts get sore the week before my period every single month, so that alone is not a good indicator. Also, many women experience cramps or nausea the week before their period. I suggest using protection when you have sex, and getting a pregnancy test. If you don't start your period on time and the test was negative, then go to your doctor.

It could be one of two things. 1. You are pregnant. Lots of people menstruate through pregnancy. 2. You have a tummy bug.

Two things come to mind, first, that you may be pregnant, and second, you may be nearing your period. i am not a doctor, so dont quote me on this, but theses are things i would consider checking for

If you have period symptoms but no period it could mean you are close to starting or you can just have a tummy ache or some times it could mean you have appendicitis

If a guinea pig is pregnant then her tummy will take on a pear shape. So yes, I think she is pregnant congrats!

you don't feel a pulse in you stomach when your pregnant, just because the child has a heart beat, you cant feel it. but if you have missed a period i would take a pregnancy test because if you are pregnant you should really have prenatal care. remember when you become pregnant its not just about you any more, you have to care for the safety of your child as well.

This is so common it could be a symptom of almost anything. You will have to wait another few days and take a pregnancy test before you know if you are pregnant or not.

i dnt think so hun ... could you hekp me out to do with the same pregnacy

Yes it is possible you are pregnant. It does not take that long for the medicine to be removed from you system. So if you have had unprotected sex then you may want to take a home pregnancy test and check with your doctor.

Your tummy will start to harden about 5 months into the pregnancy, not before.

if your tummy feels bloated, then that is a symptom of pregnancy.

It sounds more like the early stages of the flu or that there is an imballance in your diet.

If you had unprotected sex you could be pregnant. You are highly fertile after birth and breastfeeding does not protect you. You should've gotten your period back a long time ago. You need to see a doctor.

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