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NFL Minimum Salaries For 2008-2011 Seasons # of
Seasons 2008 2009 2010 2011
0 $295,000 $310,000 $325,000 $355,000 1 $370,000 $385,000 $400,000 $415,000 2 $445,000 $460,000 $475,000 $490,000
3 $520,000 $535,000 $550,000 $565,000
4-6 $605,000 $620,000 $635,000 $650,000
7-9 $730,000 $745,000 $760,000 $775,000
10+ $830,000 $845,000 $860,000 $875,000

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How much is the minimum NBA salary?

Rookie- $457 588 going up every year until 10th year where it the minimum is $1 306 455 . these stats are for the 2009-2010 season and do go up every single NBA season

What is the minimum salary at Sport Chek?

Answer . hey, you start at $8.00 per hour now, when being a tech or a cashier. If you are a sales employee it is a $7.50 per hour wage plus 4.5% commisson in what you sell. BUT you must sell atleast 900$ in a 5 hour shift to begin to make commisson

What is the league minimum salary for the NFL?

As of the 2007 season, the minimum salary for a rookie is $285,000.The minimum salary increases according to the number of years theplayer has been in the league. The highest minimum salary is$820,000 for players who have been in the league 11 years or more. The minimum salary structure for 2007 is ( Full Answer )

Is there a minimum salary a player can earn in the NFL?

In 2008, $295k. In 2009, $310k. In 2010, $325k. In 2011, $340k. In 2012, $355k. The NFL Players Union and the NFL owner's usually construct a new "minimum salary" deal every 4 or 5 years.. These numbers are accurate but are for players with zero years experience, i.e. rookies. The amounts go u ( Full Answer )

What is the minimum salary for a NFL player?

Hmm. Well just to say i hate the packers (sorry i am a giants and steelers.) But a salary for an NFL player must be 3 million? I think. I would look it up. GO STEELERS!

What is the highest salary an NFL rookie can have?

Well it really depends on the team. It varies greatly team to team. Each team will have a specific amount of their salary cap to spend on rookies and undrafted free agent pick ups. Like for Detroit they had 11 picks but could only spend $5,551,658. Whereas Washington had 3 picks and could spend ( Full Answer )

Salary for NFL?

It is for each franchises front office to decide what each player is paid. There is a minimum salary depending how long a player has been in the league, but it changes each time there is a new collective bargaining agreement.

What is the NFL league salary minimum?

For the 2007 season, minimum salaries in the NFL are:. Rookies - $285,000 One Year Veteran - $360,000 Two Year Veteran - $435,000 Three Year Veteran - $510,000 Four to Six Year Veteran - $595,000 Seven to Nine Year Veteran - $720,000 Ten+ Year Veteran - $820,000

What is the minimum salary for an NHL rookie?

The minimum salary for an NHL rookie is $ 875,00. However, he can earn a set amount of what is called Schedule A and Schedule B bonuses from both the team and league.. Correction: $875,000 is the MAXIMUM entry-level salary. (Not counting bonuses.). The minumum salary for a rookie is the same as an ( Full Answer )

What was the NFL minimum base salary in 1970?

Base pay for NFL players in 1970 was 29,000 a year. Because the70's saw the rise of televised endorsement deals, by 1980 startingpay would more than triple.

Maximum and minimum salary for a doctor?

it should be guided by the living expenses. it should be sufficient for normal living style. it includes cozy home, fooding, insurances, children education and happy holidays.. it should be minimum of 4-5,000 USD per months. Maximum can reach anywhere upto 200000-500000 USD per year. i guess

What is the minimum salary for a lawyer?

Lawyers are subject to the same employment laws as anyone else. Federal minimum wage is currently $7.25/hr. Some states have a higher minimum. Technically speaking, the word "salary" applies to "exempt" employees (those meeting particular criteria who are not subject to the usual laws concerning ( Full Answer )

League minimum salary for MLB?

According to the 5 year contract signed between the owners and players in 2006, the minimum salary in 2008 is $390,000 and in 2009, the minimum salary will be $400,000.

Maximum salary rookie NHL?

The National Hockey League does not have a salary cap of any sort, but the existing NHL CBA contains clauses that limit the minimum compensation for all players and the maximum entry-level compensation for players under the age of 25. Article 9 of the NHL CBA limits the maximum yearly compensation f ( Full Answer )

Who is the fastest NFL rookie?

Chris Johnson is a Running Back for the Tennessee Titans. He posted a 4.24 at the combine. fastest of all rookies.

Minimum salary in nfl?

The minimum salary in the NFL is $450000 for players with the oneyear service. It is however, $525000 for players with two years ofservice.

What is the MLS league salary minimum?

League Minimum = $33,000 (2008). League Average = $129,395 (2008). Developmental players may earn as little as $12,900 (2008)

What does an NFL rookie make?

it depends on multiple things such as position, draft pick, the teams cap, etc. It could make the difference between in the hundred thousands to millions of dollars. For instance if a team badly needs a quarterback and drafts one of them in the first round they will most likely be in the millions co ( Full Answer )

What is a rookies salary in NASCAR?

No such thing as a "rookies salary". Each driver has their own agreement with the team owner and what they are paid is based more on what they bring to the table such as a good sponsor or recognition. Example would be the someone like a Danica Patrick with everything she brings an owner can be paid ( Full Answer )

What is the minimum NFL salary for three year players?

NFL Minimum Salary Levels in 2008. Rookie Season- $295,000 1 Credited Season: $ 370,000 2 Credited Seasons: $ 445,000 3 Credited Seasons: $ 520,000 4 to 6 Credited Seasons: $ 605,000 7 to 9 Credited Seasons: $ 730,000 10+ Credited Seasons: $ 830,000

Who was the NFL rookie of the year in 1985?

NFL Rookie of the Year awards are given to an offensive player and a defensive player. In 1985, WR Eddie Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals was the offensive rookie of the year and LB Duane Bickett of the Indianapolis Colts was the defensive rookie of the year.

Most points by rookie NFL?

Through the 2008 season, that is 144 points by kicker Kevin Butler of the Chicago Bears in 1985.

Who were NFL Rookies in 1990?

The NFL Rookie of the Year in 1990 was running back Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys. Rookies voted to the All-Pro team in 1990 were tight end Eric Green of the Pittsburgh Steelers, offensive tackle Richmond Webb of the Miami Dolphins, free safety Mark Carrier of the Chicago Bears, and kicker S ( Full Answer )

What was kyle boller's rookie salary?

Boller's total salary in 2003 was $2,855,000 which consisted of a base salary of $655,000 and a signing bonus of $2,200,000.

Who was the 2010 NFL Rookie of the Year?

2010 NFL Rookie of the Year award winners: . Offense - Sam Bradford (QB) St. Louis Rams . Defense - Ndamukong Suh (DT) Detroit Lions

Best rookie years in NFL?

Notable rookie years - Gale Sayers scoring 14 rushing touchdowns and catching six touchdown passes in 1965. Randy Moss with 1,313 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns (season high for the league) in 1998. Earl Campbell's 1,450 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns in 1978. Tony Dorsett with 1,007 rushing ( Full Answer )

What was Terry Bradshaw's rookie salary?

Bradshaw signed a 5 year contract with the Steelers after being the #1 overall draft selection in 1970. There was a $110,000 signing bonus that was paid over ten years and a rookie salary of $25,000 that increased $5,000 per season. The entire value of the contract was $285,000. If the bonus was ( Full Answer )

What is the league minimum salary for the NFL 2012?

2012 NFL Minimum Base Salary by Years Accrued* *not include signing bonuses, roster bonuses or any other LTBE (likely to be earned) incentives Years Accrued : Salary Rookie : $390,000 1 : $465,000 2 : $540,000 3 - $615,000 4-6 : $700,000 7-9 : $825,000 10+ : $925,000 All base ( Full Answer )

Who won the rookie of the year for the nfl?

This year Cam Newton won the rookie of the year award, not a panthers fan but good for him! (: Aaron rodgers won MVP and drew brees won offensive player. Patrick Willis won defense player. Oh by the way Andy Dalton and A.J Green came second and third for rookie of the year!

What is maximum income for NFL rookies?

It can be any income, but the largest paid was Matthew Stafford, a 6-year contract worth 72 million dollars, so getting 12 million per year.

Who is projected to be rookie of the year in the NFL?

Thru week 9 of the 2013 NFL season the front runners for rookie of the year awards are: Offense . Eddie Lacy, RB, Green Bay Packers . Giovani Bernard, RB Cincinnati Bengals . Zac Stacy, RB, St Louis Rams Defense: . Sheldon Richardson, DL, NY Jets . Kiko Alonso, LB, Buffalo Bills . Star Lotu ( Full Answer )

What is NFL league minimum salary for 5 year player?

The minimum salary for a 5 year veteran in the NFL is $775,000. The minimum salary structure: Yrs. 2017 2018 0 $465,000 $480,000 1 $540,000 $555,000 2 $615,000 $630,000 3 $690,000 $705,000 4-6 $775,000 $790,000 7-9 $900,000 $915,000 10+ $1,000,000 $1,015,000