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The butt end of the racket should face down, because otherwise you would be holding the strings and not the handle of the racquet.

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The piece of plastic strip that is on top of the tennis racket is called a bumper guard. There are different parts associated with the racket, which also include the butt cap, grip, heat, and throat.

In order to decide who will serve first in a tennis match, you or your opponent must spin the racket. now look at the butt of the racket. if you have a wilson, the options are w, or m. if you have a prince, it will be p or d. babolat is up or down, depending where the stripes are. you can do this with any racket. if you are spinning the racket, ask your opponent what s/he wants to call. which option? if the racket spins and stops on your opponents choice, they get to decide whether they will recieve, or serve. if the option they chose is wrong, you get to choose to receive or to serve.

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