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in Nebraska there are good soccer teams under the age of 20 if you are in the range of 10 to about 15 then go for viva it is a boy and girl club then if you want just a girl soccer club go for toro that is some professional training. i prefer the toro soccer club i liked it the best great coaches!

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How many professional Canadian soccer teams are there?

there are 20 soccer teams in Canada

How many soccer teams is in the premiership?


How many soccer teams are in Italy?


What do soccer captians wear?

20 teams

How many people are on soccer teams?

there are 11 players per team on the field. 20

How many English soccer teams are there?

There are 20 teams in the English Premier League. This is the top division. There are 92 teams in all divisions of the English Professional football leagues.

How is soccer played in Mexico different from the US?

It's almost the same: both countries have professional and minor soccer leagues with 20+ professional teams.

How many professional women soccer players are there?

In spring 2013, the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) replaced Women's Professional Soccer. There are a total of eight teams with a maximum of 20 players on each team.

Who is the best soccer player under 21?

Neymar. he plays for santos and is currently 20

How many profenial soccer teams are there in pain?

Barcelona hurt it's elbow and Real Madrid banged it's head on a shelf. There is the top tier in Spanish football with 20 teams and the second tier has 22 teams. There is about 60 professional teams in total.

If my lower back hurts should I participating in sport Like soccer or tennis I'm under 20 and I always have pain in my lower back Should I attend soccer practice?

If your lower back hurts and you are under the age of 20, you should not practice sports such as soccer or tennis without a doctor's consent.

Does the game fifa soccer 2008 game have Barcelona?

Yes indeed, along with over 20 other leagues and hundreds of teams and players.

Is there a candian womens soccer team?

Yes there is Canadian women's soccer teams. There is the women's U-17, U-20 and the National Team which plays in the Women's FIFA World Cup and play internationally.

How to promote the us soccer?

The best thing to promote US soccer will be to improve Major League Soccer level. - More teams competiting in MLS (like 16 or 20) - End of the "Franchise" system, or creation of a lower division to create a European "two sided" competition : those who want to win, those who don't want to die. - More "stars" allowed in US teams - More international/continental confrontations with other teams (especially Mexican, Brazilian, Argentinian) I think it really promote US soccer :)

How many teams in the premier league?

There are 20 teams in the Premier League.

20 top soccer players in 2006?

20 top soccer players in 2006

How many teams are in the Barclays league?

20 Teams

How many teams are in the premier division?

20 teams

How long does a kid soccer game last?

some games are 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins or 40 mins each half depending on the ages

How many soccer teams do you have?

If you mean "International teams", you've got as much teams as officially recognized by FIFA (Football International Federation Association) : 207 teams (in august 2008) If you mean "professional teams", it's like between 20 and 100 by country which have professionnal league (like 50) But if you mean "teams, local like huge", nothing like France has nearly 10 000 teams (or maybe more)

Why does a soccer ball have 20 pentagons and 12 hexagons?

A soccer ball has 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons, not 20 pentagons and 12 hexagons.

How has soccer changed over time?

They have got better rules and proper referees, more teams and a lot more players and now they have have started little kids soccer clubs so that the kids don't have to wait 20 years before they can play.

How many teams play in the EPL?

There are 20 teams in the E.P.L.

How many teams there are in the premier league?

There are currently 20 teams in the Premier League. The League originally had 22 teams when it was formed in 1992, but this was dropped to 20 in 1995.

How many teams have been in premier league?

20 teams baby