Something that has no length and no width in geometry?


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A point has no length or width.

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width is kind of like how wide something is and length is how long something is _______________________________________________________ this is width and length is standing

yes they do in fact, they use geometry for the angles of their clothes including length and width.

Dimension is either the length, width, or height of a shape. In a 2-D or flat object there are 2 dimensions (length and width). In a 3-D shape there are 3 dimensions (length,width, and height)

Width is how wide something is, length is how long something is.In maths w*l*h is width times length times height.

Length is a measurement of how long something is. Width is a measurement of how wide it is. Width and length are the sizes of an object in 2 dimensions which are 90 degrees apart.

you times the length by the width, say if a square was 7cm in length and 5cm in width, the area would be 35cm.

It depends on whether you want the width as a fraction of the length or perimeter or something else - like the diagonal.

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the size, shape, and relative position of physical elements. Geometry also deals with the properties of space. Geometry looks at the length, width, height, and space of an object.

Length is how long or tall something is and width is how wide it is. It's sometimes fairly arbitrary which direction is the length and which is the width. But usually it's more natural to let the length be the longer direction. It's also common to talk about "width and height" instead of "length and width." In this case, height is usually vertical, and width horizontal.

Nearly always multiply. However, for the perimeter of a rectangle, you add the length + width + length + width. This is even simplified by multiplying the length and the width by 2

Area is a plane or surface measurement. Depth is not required. Multiply the length by the width.

I don't think it's possible considering that since there are infinatite numbers, there is no maximum length nor width, making it impossible to find the width of something with only the length

perimeter = length + length + width + width = 2*length + 2*width = 36 length = 5*width 2*(5*width) + 2*width = 36 12*width = 36 width = 3 length = 15

so you know how much is the length and width of something

If Length * Width = Area, then Area ÷ width = Length

Area = (length) times (width)Length = (area) divided by (width)Width = (area) divided by (length)

No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.

perimeter = (2*length) + (2*width) length = 2*width so perimeter = (2*2*width) + 2*width = 6*width perimeter = 48 so you can figure out the width and length

Length times width is a mathematical formula. Length× width=area

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