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Baseball, Football, Touchdown

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How did New Mexico help in world war 1

The fountain pen has been replaced in popularity by the ball point

Where is the compound noun in this sentence The doctor's waiting room is always crowded with patients

Which word in this sentence is an open compound at Miami you sometimes swam in tge beautiful swimming pool

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Q: Tell some compound words related to sports?
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Is YouTube sports related?

it can tell you things about sports but it cant tell you how to play a sport

Bracelet a compound word?

first let me tell you what compound words are. HotDog LunchBox and FingerPrints see 2 words in each of the words bracelet is a word itself.

How are the words molecucle compound amd formula related?

A molecule is two or more elements bonded together, and a compound is a molecule containing at least two elements. The word formula fits in to tell you whether you have a compound or a molecule by telling you the number of elements (atoms) in the molecule.

Can you tell some of the words related with mobile?


How is sports related to languages?

How is sports related to languages? Well let me tell you, that in many sports there are signals or certain words that mean things to the team. Teams use motions or signs to help them communicate between one another during the contest. Dr. Nathan M. Hasenfratz M.D. Harvard University Graduating Class of 2000

How many compound word can be made by the word game and tell me the words?

ballgame endgame

Is goalkeeper a compound word?

A compound word is one that is made of two or more separate words. The way to tell is to see if you can divide the word and still have real words. If you divide goalkeeper, you have goal and keeper. Both are real words, so this is a compound word.

Is there a compound word?

A compound word is one that is made of two or more separate words. The way to tell is to divide the word and see if you get real words when you divide it. There is no way to divide "there" and get two words that are real words. You can get the word "here" but then the only thing left is "T" and that's not a word. This makes there NOT a compound word.

What does a compound's formula tell about the compound?

The chemical composition of the compound

Is this a compound subject or compound predicate for He or she could tell you?

The statement "He or she could tell you" has a compound subject - there are two nouns preceding the verb. A compound predicate would be "He could tell you about airplanes or about trains."

Is flashcard a compound word?

yep! You can tell because you can cut the word in two, and get two words. (flash and card)

In a formula for a compound what do the numbers tell you?

the numbers are what is in a compound number

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