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The most famous battle fought in world war 2 is?


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January 21, 2008 12:19AM

It depends on how you would describe most famous. And the theater of operations is also important. D-Day is certainly the most famous in the European Theater. Midway could be considered the most famous in the Pacific Theater, but there are many others who's names are remembered by many. For me it's el Alamein : Not the beginning of the end, but certainly the end of the beginning. (Churchill) But the aerial defence of the Battle of Britain was crucial, Kursk & Stalingrad. The miracle of Dunkirk. the defeat of the U Boat in the war of the Atlantic. Guadalcanal , Iwo Jima, Imphal & Kohima in Buma..... There was no single action which has precedence, all were made up from events which made them possible. History would be loathe to suggest a victory for Germany or Japan......