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This is not a question - it's a STATEMENT !


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The Wisconsin Badgers won the 2011 Big Ten Championship over the Michigan State Spartans.

The last time a B1G team won the championship was in basketball in 2000 by the Michigan State Spartans.

1965 (Alabama) and 1966 (Notre Dame) they spilt the national championship and in 1962 they won it outright.

The North Carolina Tar Heels did, defeating the Michigan State Spartans.

Spartans? Huh, Nobody.The Spartans Idol Was Themselves...

the Spartans were polytheistic

Ervin "Magic" Johnson led the Michigan State Spartans to an NCAA National Championship in 1979.

No, the Spartans were Greek.

Because they were from Sparta.

The Persians were the Spartans enemy and totally outnumbered the Spartans 300

If the helots defeated the Spartans, the Spartans, being defeated, could not do anything to them.

Rio mesa Spartans Rio mesa Spartans Rio mesa Spartans Rio mesa Spartans and o ya i forgot one ........ Rio mesa Spartans

The Spartans are located in the region in Lacronia.

Spartans trade was craftsmen ship.

The spartans played football

The Spartans won the Peloponnesian war, the only war between the Athenians and the Spartans.

the Spartans were stronger fighters than the Athens's. the Athens were artists. the Spartans were gladiator's.

Spartans would be translated as "Spartes".

Where did the ancestors of the Spartans originally come from?

The Spartans focused on war, fighting and training.

Strength was greatly admired by the Spartans.

All Spartans wanted to be soldiers, and to fulfill their duty as Spartans, by dying in battle.

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