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George Washington declared our first national Thanksgiving Day to express gratitude for the new Constitution.

(If you are using this answer for the History Mystery Message Challenge, it is Thanksgiving-number 7)


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To express gratitude for the new Constitution, President George Washington declared the first national holiday. July 4, 1776 was the first time Independence Day was celebrated.

George Washington the 1st president

The 25th amendment to the Constitution was adopted to resolve ambiguities in the constitution about when a President would be declared unable to discharge his duties, and about who would succeed him as President.

The US Constitution provides that the congress shall declare war. The congress declared war on Germany when Woodrow Wilson was president in 1917 and when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president in 1941.

George Washington was declared president on the 30th of April 1786, he retired on the 3rd of March 1797

No president has declared war on Britain. As a colony, the US fought for independence, but the government under the constitution was after that. In any case, Congress is the branch that declares war, and they have not done so.

The Constitution does not assign all war powers to the President. In order to prevent unnecessary wars, the Congress and President each have unique war powers. War is declared by Congress, but the President is Commander in Chief and makes decisions in the war.

No one. Independence was not declared until 1776 and the first US president, George Washington, took office on April 30, 1779

Hindi was declared as official language of our constitution on 14th Sept 1949

The first US president, George Washington was born in Virginia while it was still a British colony. Martin Van Buren was the first president born after independence was declared in 1776. John Tyler was the first born after the constitution was ratified and the United States of America came into existence by that name.

George Washington was the first president to be born in the US. He was born in Colonial Virginia. However, Martin Van Buren was the first president to be after Independence from Britain was declared. (1782). William Henry Harrison was the first born after the United States Constitution was ratified and the United States of American existed.

George washington, in 1789 declared November 26 a day of thanksgiving

According to the US Constitution, both the Senate and the President have to agree that war should be declared.

which president declared Columbus day in 1937

The American revolution was a 5 year war between the American colonies and the British. In 1776 the colonies declared independence from Britain and this resulted in the revolution. Washington was commander of American troops and in 1789 he became the first president after the constitution was written.

Then you or it is declared Unconstitutional.

Pakistan's first president was Iskander Mirza, who was also the last Governor General. In 1958, he abrogated the constitution and declared martial law. A few weeks later, he was overthrown in a bloodless coup d'état by General Ayub Khan, who then declared himself president. The constitution was revised, and the president became the ruler of Pakistan. The constitution also stipulated that the president be elected by the people. Elections were held in 1963, and Khan defeated Fatima Jinnah, sister of founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The first president of Pakistan was General Iskender Mirza. He became president from Governor General after the formation of the 1956 constitution of Pakistan. (Currently 1973 constitution is in action). The first Governor General of Pakistan was Muhammad Ali Jinnah (founder of Pakistan).

George Washington was officially declared president of the US on April 6, 1789 when the US Congress met to ratify the electoral vote. His Inauguration was on April 30, 1789, nine days after that of Vice President John Adams.

No U.S. president has ever declared Hanukkah a national holiday.

Per the Yemeni constitution, Sanaa is the capital of Yemen. Aden was declared as the temporary capital by President Hadi in March 2015.

Per the Yemeni constitution, Sanaa is the capital of Yemen. Aden was declared as the temporary capital by President Hadi in March 2015.

John Adams was highly respected as one of the founding fathers who declared independence and drafted the US Constitution. He was the incumbent vice-president and was generally considered to be a logical successor to Washington. Like Washington, he believed in a strong federal government. A party, called the Federalists, grew up that agreed with his views in opposition to the weaker notion of federal government espoused by Jefferson.

There were no Presidents in the American Colonies then. Independence Day is what is sounds like- the day that independence from Britain was declared. After that came a long war and then a new constitution and finally elections and a president.

Spain was declared to be a Constitutional Monarchy by the Spanish Constitution of 1978.

who was the president that declared thanksgiving a holiday

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