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The base word of bowling is bowl. Bowl does not have an internal meaning.

what you do is run towards the pins with the bowl and toss it at the back of the pins and grab a bowl and throw it at the owner of the place what you do is make sure you have a bowling ball that is the right size for you, then you throw it straight at the pins and hope for a strike!!!!

When you bowl you must aline the ball in between the middle pin and the one on its right hopefully that shall work.

The best bowl in 10 pin bowling is the strike-(when you knock down all the pins)

East Bowl is a bowling center and does not have a website.

To improve your fast bowling, give yourself a longer run up, but not too long because you want to get your steps right. Then when you come in to bowl, swing your arm through fast and you should be bowling quicker! Rob

Bowling is called bowling because you have a bowling ball and the way that most people knock the pins over they bowl them over kind of like if you are in a busy shopping centre you might bowl over a little kid. that's my theory

A bowling ball is made from urethane, plastic, reactive resin or a combination of these materials.

it depends on how you bowl so if your right handed try to go for Wilson balls

When you bowl an bowling ball you can't exactly bowl in straight all the time because if you notice, you actually put a natural curve on the ball that is why it hooks when you don't want it to.

he headbutted a bowling bowl

There Are 3 holes in a ten-pin bowling ball.

A bowling ball is what you bowl with in ten pin bowling

Bowling prices vary depending on where you would like to bowl as well as the day or time.

No, the two finger release is starting to rise in the sport of bowling. Your way of knocking down the pins is your business, no one can not allow you to bowl based on how you bowl. Jason Belmonte is a member of the PBA and he was a two handed and two fingered release.

Yes, Malinga's bowling is legal.His bowling has been tested by the ICC and it is proved legal.

There is nothing called a "birdie" in bowling. There is however a "turkey" which is to bowl three consecutive strikes in a game.

I do not know where you live, but in Tampa, FL that means that if you bowl in a league, you get a bowling pass that allows you to practice bowl free.

The price of bowling will vary depending on the center, day, time and if bowling shoes are needed for renting.

Well, i'm on a bowling league, and we bowl every Sat. morning. The bantamns and junior/masters bowl from 8:15 am. to about 11:00 am. The peewees and preps bowl from 11:10 to about 12:30. I hope this works out.

A pacer is sometimes used in league bowling where a team does not have a complete roster and another person is allowed to bowl for purposes of helping keep the pace of the teams bowling.

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