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Q: User of technology?
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What User manages IA technology and IA-enabled technology?


What factor affecting technology user?

this answer is not in the world

Identify the kind of technology that is used to detect the user input?

GUI (Graphical User Interface)?

What is the most important input to a technology system?

The user.

What is the use of Bubble sensing technology?

I think this technology is used mainly to get to the location of user perspective simply by connecting with various wireless technology

What are the functions of an Information technology department?

user adminstration maintaining

What are haptic devices?

Haptic technology refers to technology which interfaces the user via the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations and/or motions to the user. See

What is meant by haptic technology?

Haptic technology is a type of tactile feedback technology. Haptic technology takes advantage of the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user.

Who was the first person to make technology?

Define technology. Tools are technology, which would make the first tool user the first person to make technology. It was a long time ago.

What does the word user requirements mean in design and technology?

what does the client require it for

What os does not have a user interface that incorporates point and click technology?


Is technology intentionally created to have negative effects on society?

No, unless you designed it do that. But technology is meant to be good, but it can be abused. Sometimes, the user just misunderstands the technology or viceversa.

What kinds of technology are bad?

Weapons, computers(if used for evil), and other types of technology used depending on the intentions of the user

What three technology transition methods are used to ensure the transition of innovative concepts and superior technology to the user?

Advanced Technology Demonstrations (ATDs), Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations (JCTDs), and Experiments

Which authentication technology uses a physical characteristic of the user in conjunction with a password?


Which technology provides centralized remote user authentication authorization and accounting?


Technology that sends resistance to advice in response to user action?

force feedback

Which OS does not have a user interface that incorporates point-and-click technology?


Differences between user defined exexptions and system defined exeptions?

difference between system defined and user defined functions in .net technology

Difference between Information technology and Electronics Communication Engineering?

Information Technology - user, developer, consultant Electronics and Communications Engineering - designer, programmer, manufacturer

Who is emerging trends in Information Technology?

One emerging trend in information technology is platform architectures. Another is user experience and this will help boost customer satisfaction.

What is the classification of technology based on their nature and user gadgets tools?

what are the example of tecnology basedon their nature

Is modernity boon or bane?

mordern technology is both boon and bane .it depents upon the user

What do you mean by GUI and Explain different GUI technology with help of example?

Graphical User Interface

What is the difference between swing and swing events?

Java Swings is a technology that is used to create User Interface Components using Java. Swing Events are a part of this technology that is used to handle user actions like click of a button or closing the component etc