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A Cal Ripken Jr.signed 8 x 10 photo sells for about $45.-$75. Price will vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Photo composition, and appeal will effect the price as well. Part of the value will be determined by how well the photo displays the signature. The type of ink used, and how it stands out in contrast to the photograph will also effect the price. Sharpie would be most preferred for a photo. Larger and more desired pictures could sell for more.

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Q: Valve of a autographed picture of cal ripken jr?
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Value of an autographed cal ripken jr jersey?

An autographed Cal Ripken Jr. jersey is worth $599 dollars. Cal Ripken was a baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles.

Was cal ripken jr adopted?

No, Cal Ripken Jr. was not adopted.

What nicknames does Cal Ripken go by?

Cal Ripken goes by Cal, Iron Man, Rip, and Junior.

Who was cal Ripken Jr's mother?

Viola Ripken

How old was cal ripken jr when he retired?

Cal Ripken Jr. was 41 when he retired from baseball.

When was Cal Ripken Jr. born?

Cal Ripken Jr. was born on August 24, 1960.

When was Cal Ripken Sr. born?

Cal Ripken Sr. was born on December 17, 1935.

What is the birth name of Cal Ripken?

Cal Ripken's birth name is Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr..

Are Cal Ripken Jr and Billy Ripken brothers?

Yes, they are.

Who is Cal Ripken Sr's wife?

Violet or "Vi" Ripken

What is Cal Ripken Jr.'s birthday?

Cal Ripken Jr. was born on August 24, 1960.

What is Cal Ripken Sr.'s birthday?

Cal Ripken Sr. was born on December 17, 1935.

When was Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League created?

Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League was created in 2005.

Are Cal Ripken Jr and Billy Ripken related?

brothers brothers

What is the value of a 1988 Leaf Cal Ripken Jr Billy Ripken and Cal Ripken Sr card number 625?

40 cents in NM-MT Condition

How many runs did Cal Ripken Jr score in his career?

Cal Ripken Jr. had 1,647 career runs scored.

What was Cal Ripken Jr's final batting average?

Cal Ripken Jr. finished his career with a .276 batting average.

When did Cal Ripken Sr. die?

Cal Ripken Sr. died on March 25, 1999 at the age of 63.

When and where did baseball player Cal Ripken die?

Cal Ripken died March 25, 1999, in Baltimore, MD, USA.

When was Cal Ripken born?

Cal Ripken was born on August 24, 1960, in Havre De Grace, Maryland, USA.

Who is Cal Ripken Jr?

The son of Cal Ripkin, Sr.

Where did cal ripken jr go to college?

Ripken didn't attend college.

When did Cal Ripken retire?


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When did Cal Ripken die?