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Was Joe Burrow's 2019-2020 season the best ever by a college QB?


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Dustin Marks
6 days ago

It’s hard to argue otherwise. In his national championship win last night, he passed Colt Brennan on the all-time list for passing touchdowns in a single season, with 60; he also posted the second-best completion percentage (76.3), the third most passing yards (5,671), and the highest-ever passing efficiency rating (202) in a single season. If you’re a skeptic, you can check those stats here.

Perhaps most telling, none of the quarterbacks in the top five of the above statistical categories won the national championship that season...besides Joe Burrow. In the national title game, he set the record for most total touchdowns and combined yards in the BCS/CFP era.

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Chris Hawkins
5 days ago
Yes. Sure, it doesn't hurt he was surrounded with amazing talent, but that's a chicken-egg argument of sorts, because how much better was the talent because of him and vice versa. Those stats are amazing, and it's not like college hasn't been in the run-and-gun era for ages. He also plays in the SEC so he had legit competition vs. playing a bunch of cupcakes all year.
It was he was so much better than last year
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Gavin Davis
3 days ago
Obviously. Theres never been a team like the '19-'20 LSU Tigers. Undefeated while beating 10 of the top ranked teams, and lead in almost every stat possible
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