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No it was really not

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Is soccer the first popular sport in the world?

No, soccer was not the first popular sport in the world. Although not the first, it is now the most popular sport in the world. The first popular sport was baseball.

What sport came first basketball or soccer?


What sport was invented first soccer or football?


Who was the first person to make soccer a famous sport?

Albert Gudmundsson made soccer the first sport in iceland.

Was soccer the first sport invented?

no it was not

Which sport was played first Baseball basketball football or soccer?

Soccer was played first.

What was the first sport ever recorded on video?

The first sport that was recorded on video was soccer

When was soccer officially a sport?

this was a sport in 1815 or that is when the first rules were released

What is the first sport in England?

Soccer is the most popular sport in England.

What is the first team sport in the Olympics?


What was first televised sport in England?

Soccer, or football

What was the first sport ever played in Spain?

its soccer

What was the first sport to achieve a worldwide status?


What is the first country to play soccer?

England was the first country to play soccer(football) because the sport was created there.

What is the first sport invented?

soccer is the first sport invented,because it was just simply kicking a ball.

What sport was first football or soccer?

there both the same sport but the name football came firstAnswer'Soccer' or 'Association Football' is just one of a group of games known as football.

What sport was first played in America?

Soccer You are wrong. It is lacrosse.

What was the first sport in France?

I'm not quite sure what the first sport in France was but one of the most popular and one of the first sports in France is soccer

What kind of sport is soccer.?

Soccer os a sport that you kic the ball.

What sport in Australia is similar to soccer?

Australia has soccer as a sport. There is no other sport similar to soccer. The various codes of football played in Australia are nothing like soccer.

What is France favorite sport?

First it would be football then biking and then soccer.

Is soccer a real sport?

Yes, Soccer is a real sport why wouldn't it be, that is like saying that Football is not a real sport. Soccer has always been and always will be a sport. Soccer and Football are similar sports where there are lots of running after a ball involved. They are both listed as a Sport. Yes association football, or soccer, is a sport. it is the most popular sport in the world!

Is Soccer is a good? is a sport.

Is soccer a famous Brazilian sport?

yes soccer is a famous sport in brazil

During what months do you play the sport soccer?

What months do you play the sport soccer

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