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Was there an NFL quarterback whose jersey number was 9?

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Sonny Jurgensen, Hall of Fame QB for the Eagles and Redskins from 1957-1974, wore #9. So did Bill Wade, starting QB for the 1963 NFL champion Chicago Bears.

Tommy Kramer of the Minnesota Vikings in the 1970s and 1980s wore #9.

Jim McMahon of the Bears Super Bowl XX championship team wore #9. Currently, Tony Romo of the Cowboys wears #9.

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The highest number a quarterback can wear in the NFL is 19, which was worn by Johnny Unitas, who played for the Baltimore Colts.-----The highest jersey number that I can remember was #60 worn by Otto Graham of the Cleveland Browns of the All-American Football Conference. John Hadl of the Chargers and Rams wore #21 during his career in the 60s and 70s. But since the merger in 1970, the highest number a quarterback on the roster can wear is 19.

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The 'C' n the jersey of a football player signifies that the player is one of the Captains of the team

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That 'C' on a player's jersey indicates the player is one of the captains of the team. Almost always in the NFL, a team's starting quarterback is one of the captains of the team.

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14. Thrower played in 1 game for the 1953 Bears and was the first African American to play quarterback in an NFL game after World War II.

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