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Was there any pitchers that went straight to the major leagues without going to the minors?

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January 24, 2008 3:35PM

Here's a list of members of the Baseball Hall of Fame who never

played in the minor leagues? Excluding the black players who never

made it to the major leagues, and players such as Ernie Banks, who

made it to the majors directly from the Negro leagues, there are 14

such players. In the group of eight pitchers that skipped the

minors are: Sandy Koufax, Bob Feller, Catfish Hunter, Walter

Johnson, Ted Lyons, Chief Bender, Eppa Rixey and Eddie Plank.

The other Hall of Famers without minor league records are Frankie

Frisch, second baseman; George Sisler, first baseman, and Mel Ott,

Dave Winfield, Al Kaline, right fielders, and Robin Yount of the

Milwaukee Brewers.

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