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I always believe that Baseball is won with pitching. Therefore I think Juan Marichal should be considered alongside Clemente, but obviously this in no way diminishes Clemente's impact on the game.

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Q: Were there any Hispanic baseball players better than Roberto Clemente in or before the years he played?
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Who are famous baseball players from Puerto Rico?

Roberto Clemente and Orlando Cepada.

What baseball players wore or wear number 21?

Simple, Roberto Clemente.

Who are the most famous baseball players of Puerto Rico?

Roberto Clemente and Orlando Cepeda.

Did Roberto clemente get a degree?

Clemente graduated from high school but, like most baseball players of his time, never attended college.

How many baseball games did Roberto clemente play?

Roberto Clemente played 2433 games from 1955 to 1972.

What are some Latino baseball players?

Pedro Martinez, Roberto Clemente and Alex Rodriguez JL

Which Puerto Rico's players played professional baseball?

Roberto Clemente and Orlando Cepeda are the shining stars of Puerto Rican Baseball.

What baseball players died in a plane crash?

Roberto Clemente, Thurman Munson, Cory Lidle, Ken Hubbs ...

Who are the most famous baseball players?

Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson. Those are the ones I know!

How many injuries did Roberto Clemente have?

Roberto was not that much of a cry baby so for injuries it may take someone who knows baseball in the 60s and early 70s. Roberto was one of the finest baseball players ever. Unmatched in any baseball field, I highly recommend the wikipedia article on Roberto Clemente Walker, wich I will post in the related links box.

How many baseball players were named Clemente?

In MLB, 3 ... 1) Roberto Clemente played for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1955-1972. 2) Edgard Clemente played for the Colorado Rockies and Anaheim Angels from 1998-2000. He is the nephew of Roberto Clemente. 3) Clemente Álvarez played 2 games for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2000.

What baseball players wear 21?

Over time, there have been numerous players to wear number 21. The two most famous are Roberto Clemente and Sammy Sosa.

What is the value of a Roberto clemente baseball that is NOT a single signed ball?

If the baseball is "multi-signed", and not "single signed" you would have to name the other players that signed the baseball to get an approximate value.

What 4 baseball players faces are pictures on US postage stamps?

Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig Jackie Robinson Roberto Clemente

Who is the only baseball player from Puerto Rico?

There are many famous Puerto Rican basball players: Roberto Clemente, Orland Cepeda, Roberto Alomar, Ivan ROdríguez, Igor Rodríguez, etc.

Athletes names that start with the letter c?

Cal Ripken, Cy Young and Roberto Clemente are famous baseball players. Jimmy Connors and Kim Clijsters are famous tennis players.

How does the world benefit from Roberto Clemente today?

One of the finest ball players in history and a humanitarian. He set an example for the one who wanted to become a baseball player.

What has the author Alan West written?

Alan West has written: 'Cuba' 'Roberto Clemente' -- subject(s): Baseball players, Juvenile literature, Biography, Puerto Ricans

What 2 baseball players are currently in the hall of fame in Cooperstown New York?

Oh dude, there are a lot more than two in there.

How many Puerto Rican players in Hall of Fame?

2 Puerto Rican players are in the hall of fame...Orlando Cepeda and of course the GREAT Roberto Clemente.

Can you put the word freshet in a sentence?

Roberto Clemente, the bearish slugger Willie Stargell and a freshet of accomplished younger players.

What major league players have worn the number 21?

Roberto Clemente, Sammy Sosa, Warren Spahn, Roger Clemens.

What percentage of major league baseball players are Hispanic?


Who are some famous hispanic basketball players?

one famous hispanic baseball player is Alex Carrasquel. He is from Venenzuela.

What famous baseball players wore the number twelve?

Roberto Alomar