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Were there any lines on the court during the first basketball game?

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yes out of bounds lines

2004-05-12 21:39:21
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What is the width of the lines of basketball court?

The width of the lines on a basketball court are 2 inches wide.

How many lines are there in a basketball court?


How thick is volleyball court lines?

about the same width as the basketball lines Volleyball lines are 2" thick

What colours lines are in the netball courts?

White on an netball court & red on a basketball court

What are the two lines at each end of the basketball court?


What are the names of all the lines in a basketball court?

the backstreet boys

How many lines are in a college basketball court?

28 and 24

What the purpose of perpendicular lines in basketball?

The lines on a basketball court assist with the rules. The half court line indicates where the game starts. The lines on the outside indicate the out-of-bounds lines. The "arc" near the basketball goal indicate the distance that extra points can be made. The small circle near the basketball goal indicates where free-throws happen and the lines that converge from the small circle towards the basket is called the key. During free-throws, players aren't allowed inside of the key. Additionally, during regular play, offensive players can't stay in the key for longer than 3 consecutive seconds.

What is the line of the basketball court?

There are alot of lines. Sidelines, free throw line.

How many circles are on a basketball court?

There are Five circles on an NBA court. Center court, Free Throw Lines, and the two nets.

Why are there lines on the basketball floor?

The lines are marks for the sidelines, baselines, free throw lines, 3 point lines, mid-court circle, foul lanes, keys, and mid-court (10 second) line.

Why is it called the elbow on a basketball court?

because the two joints of the lines make an elbow

Examples for angles parallel lines perpendicular lines?

Real life example of parallel lines are railroad tracks and rows in a garden. Also the lines on a basketball court are parallel

Are the lines in or out of court in basketball?

Out. If you step on the line you are out of bounds (perimeter boundaries). On the line on a free throw, you are in violation.

How much to layout the lines and paint a basketball court?

that would take 40 minutes and 6 hours.

In basketball what is the Lane?

The lane is between the lines of the paint (the lines where the players line up rebound a foul shot) all the way down the court.

What are the two sets of boundary lines called on the basketball court?

The boundary lines you are referring to would probably be the sidelines or baselines. The rest of the lines on a basketball court include:SidelinesBaselinesMid Court LineThree Point LineFree Throw LineFree Throw CircleLane LineCenter CircleFor pictures and more information, please refer to the related link.

What colour is a basketball court?

uh, like light brown with colored lines to mark the key and 3 point arc

Why are there lines in a basketball?

TO Help you Grip the Basketball when you are playing

Are the lines in or out of netball court?

the lines are the netball court silly.

Where can college basketball lines be viewed?

College basketball lines can be viewed by going on the college website. From there, you can find the basketball teams and bet which one will be the champion.

What sports use parallel lines?

FOOTBALL - Yard lines and goal posts BASKETBALL - Lines on the court and back board SOCCER - Sidelines and goal posts ********* Atheletic sports such as running (lines inbetween the runners) and high jump (the pole and the ground) and hurtles.

What colour are netball court lines?

yellow lines on a netball court

Why are there lines on a basketball?

Lines on a Basketball The reason why there are lines on a basketball is to improve a player's grip making it easier to dribble and shoot the ball. The lines on basketballs make them easiar to grab and hold, allowing players to shoot, dribble, and pass better.

What color are the lines on a basketball?