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What 0.18 percent saline mean?

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Saline is basically water with common salt (Sodium Chloride) added. Therefore - 1 litre of saline has 0.18 percent salt.

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What of these is greater percent .08 or .018

.018 as a percent is 1.8%.

0.018 percent = 1.8 in decimal and 18/1000 in fraction

To make a 9 percent saline solution, start by preparing a 100 percent salt solution. With a bottle of 100 percent salt water, take 9 percent and dilute with distilled water to make a 9 percent saline solution.

Yes this saline is a hypertonic solution but 3% saline is also not normal. There is nothing "normal" about it. There is only one "normal saline" and that is 0.9%.

This is a isotonic saline solution.

Saline is a scientific way of saying salt.

0.018% in reduced form is: 9/50000

Normal Saline 0.9% is called an isotonic solution. A 0.0% saline solution is called a hypotonic solution. A solution of this concentration would cause water to diffuse into the red blood cells and cause them to burst open. A 10% saline solution is called a hypertonic solution. A solution of this concentration would cause water to diffuse out of the red blood cells, making them shrivel up and shrink.

This is the saline solution used in health.

This solution is considered normal saline.

There is no test to detect JWH-018.

Because the normal saline solution is 0,9 %.

71% is covered by saline water

Yes. Normal saline is isotonic. Add anything to it and its omolarity increases hence normal saline with 20kcl is of a higher osmolarity than plasma hence it is hypertonic.

Sodium chloride 0.9 percent and normal saline are not quite the same solution. While they share the same osmolality, sodium chloride contains more salt.

Assuming you mean 9% by mass add 9 grams of sodium chloride to 91ml of distilled water.

Let x = the amount of 20% solution Let x + 10 = the amount of the final solution. So we have: (.20)x + (.50)(10) = (.40)(x + 10) .20x + 5 = .40x + 4 .20x = 1 x = 5 liters of 20% solution of saline.

The answer is 018. 018=18 because the 0 in 018 does not count for anything. Same with the 04, take the zero away, 04=4. Therefore 18 is larger than 4 so your answer is 4 (Four).

There is 1 gallon of 10% solution...There is 0% saline in water...The equation is (0.1)(1) + 0x = 0.02 (x+1)...Answer is: 4 gallons. Hope I helped!!:)

no sterile saline cannot be used because strile saline is different from injectable saline. strile saline is used for irrigating the wound and injectable saline in given intravenously

A one percent saline solution (roughly isotonic) can be made by adding 1 teaspoon of salt to a litre of drinking water. The salt should not contain added iodine or anti-caking agents. Which means that kosher or pickling salt are appropriate but table salt isn't. The saline should be heated to a luke warm temperature before use.

If you think to an isotonic solution the concentration is 0,9 g NaCl/100 g solution.

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