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What Football goalkeeper has scored the most goals?


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Rogério Ceni of Brazil/São Paulo scored 103 goals in his career. He scored 55 free kicks (the record for a goalkeeper) and 46 penalties (a record for a goalkeeper). José Luis Chilavert is the second goalkeeper to score the most goals with 62 goals he scored a record 8 international goalkeeper goals and is the only keeper to scor a hat trick.

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Brazilian goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni has scored the most soccer goalie goals of all time. Have a look at the related link below for more information.

sao paulo goalkeeper rogerio ceni has scored 87 goals in his whole career.

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As of 2011, the record holder for the greatest number of goals scored for the Dutch national football team is Patrick Kluivert, who has scored 40 goals for the side.

It is 40 goals scored by Christiano Ronaldo. Pele scored 126 goals in 1959 for Sao Paulo

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Ian Rush with 346 Goals and in second Roger Hunt scored 245 Goals!

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Everton - as of 21 Apr 2008, they have scored 6423 goals in the top flight of English football. Second are Aston Villa with 6269 goals

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