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About 100kg depending on who it is.

The 2012 Games in London will be Natasha's first Olympics. Natasha is a boxer (lightweight class) and women's boxing is debuting at the 2012 Games.

Male- chops Female-stormy or name it after your favorite boxer

He's in the house, in Andersonstown West Belfast, NI...

i know a boxer needs to drink 4 bottle every single day ok

ben olearyFelix Trinidad is the pch answer

No he is alive and well on the 26/12/2008

Cuban's Teofilo Stevensonand Felix Savon along with Hungary's Lazlo Papp all won 3 Olympic GOLD Medals.

At the moment it's probably Kenny Egan the olympic boxer

Outreach Connection - 2007 Arthur 'Flash' Johnson Olympic Boxer 4-172 was released on: USA: 20 July 2010

Diagoras of Rhodes was an Olympic victor in the 79th Olympiad (464 B.C.) as a boxer.

It is not known what Laila Ali's favorite color is. Laila Ali is a female boxer and her father is Muhammad Ali.

boxer (as in underware) = boxer boxer (as in fighter) = boxeador

He turned professional in 1960 after the olympics, and retired for good in 1981. but was an amatuer for about 8 years prior to the olympic games.

olympic gold medalist pete rademacher, when he fought Floyd Patterson in 1957.

Lennox Claudius Lewis, CM, CBE (born 2 September 1965) is a retired. As an amateur he won gold representing Canada at the 1988 Olympic Games after. He became a dominant amateur boxer and won the world amateur junior title in not to turn professional after the Olympics, and instead fought four more years as.

Boxer's two favorite sayings are:"Napoleon is always right.""I will work harder!"

Currently, the Tanzanian Olympic team has not been finalized. One member who has qualified is bantamweight boxer Emiliani Polino.

Zbigniew Pietryzkowski (October 1934 to May 2014) was a Polish boxer who took part in the Olympic games. His name is pronounced ZBEEG-nyef.

Cassius Clay was the original name of the legendary Boxer Muhammed Ali. Clay claimed a religious conversion to Islam and subsequently changed his name. He was the heavy weight Olympic champion boxer who turned professional and later changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

a boxer is really healthy a boxer is really healthy

Our favorite boxer is contending for the championship title tonight! The dogs are contending for the last scrap of food on the floor.

Two heavyweight boxers have won the Olympic gold medal THREE times: Teofilo Stevenson (1972, 1976 & 1980) and Felix Savon (1992, 1996 & 2000), both from Cuba.

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