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Generally speaking, there are four types of pitches.

For a Right Handed pitcher

The Slider (moves from right to left)

The Screwball (moves from left to right)

The Riser (moves in an upward motion)

The Drop (moves in a downward motion)

For a Left Handed pitcher

The Slider (moves from left to right)

The Screwball (moves from right to left)

The Riser (moves in an upward motion)

The Drop (moves in a downward motion)

Skilled pitchers will variate their grips and arm anglers to create pitches such as Drop-Curves, Rising-Sliders, and the like. In order to throw these pitches, experienced pitchers will sand, scuff, or cut the ball to get the correct movement.


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The approximate weight of a wiffle ball is 20 grams. The wiffle ball is approximately 7.2 cm in diameter also.

Wiffle ball was invented in Fairfield, Connecticut in 1953.

How do you throw different pitches?different realese points of the ball and different grips can make different pitches

because it is made of rubber, and a wiffle ball is hollow plastic.

The farthest I have ever hit a wiffle ball is 150 feet or so.

Wiffle balls have holes in them to keep them from going miles and miles away when they are hit by a plastic wiffle ball bat. This can be proven by taping the holes of a wiffle ball closed with athletic tape. The open holes of the wiffle ball create more drag, reducing the balls trajectory.

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The wiffle ball was invented by David Mullany, when he tried to make a ball for his son that curved. When his son swung and missed the ball he said that he "whiffed." For more information, click on the link below.

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It has a 9 inch circumference :)

Wiffle (a type of plastic ball).

A Wiffle ball weighs right around 20 grams. The Wiffle ball was invented by David N. Mullaney in 1953 for his son.

The Xtra Fielder Backyard Wiffle Ball Game was invented by Mark Gibson of Califon, New Jersey in 2004.

The cast of Wiffle Ball - 2008 includes: Ryan Convery as Barry Batter Brian Siequist as Casey Catcher

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The Wiffle ball was invented by Jay T. Sweesy of Fairfield, Connecticut in 1953 when he designed a ball that curved easily for his 12-year old son. It was named when his son and his friends would refer to a strikeout as a "whiff".

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By throwing the ball in the general direction of the batter with an intent to make him/her miss and "wiff" at the pitch.

There r T-ball, little league ball, senior ball, college baseballs, mlbs, softballs, wiffle balls, and weighted ball.

Wiffle ball is a variation of baseball that is played with a plastic bat (that's usually but not always yellow) and a plastic ball that has various holes in it, usually contained on one side of the ball. The game was created in Fairfield, CT, in 1953. The man that created the game was David N. Mullany.

Wiffle pitchers have been gunned in the high 90's from a distance of 48 feet. See "Rob Hoffman - Wiffleball pitcher" on YouTube

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