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The angles for congruent shapes and the angles in similar shapes are all the same. All the sides are also proportional in both. Basically, all congruent shapes are similar but not all similar shapes are congruent.

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Are congruent tiangles similar?

All congruent shapes are similar, but not all similar shapes are congruent.

Can two shapes be congruent and not similar?

In short, no. Similar shapes are shapes in which all corresponding angles congruent regardless of the length of the sides. Congruent shapes have congruent corresponding angles and corresponding sides. In effect congruent shapes is a special condition of similar shapes.

Are congruent shapes always similar?

Yes because to be similar the shapes need to have the same ratio of sides and similar angles. To be congruent the shapes have to be the same shape and size, so 2 congruent shapes will always be similar.

How are congruent and similar shapes different?

Similar shapes are the same shape and not the same size but congruent shapes are exactly alike

Are two congruent polygons always similar?

Yes, because congruent is mainly saying same shapes if they said congruent shapes.

What does congruent mean if shapes are not the same size?

You can have two shapes - a small one and a big one - whose angles are congruent but the sides are not. In that case the shapes are not congruent but similar.

What are the similarities for a hexagon with equal sides and a square?

The only similarities between these shapes are that:These shapes have all congruent interior anglesObviously, the shapes are regular and have equal sides.

Are similar shapes always congruent?

Similar shapes have the same shape,but different size. The corresponding sides are proportional.

What does congruent and simliar mean?

Congruent means when 2 shapes are exactly the same Similar means the shapes are exactly same but with different sides

How are similar and congruent shapes alike and how are they different?

they are alike because congruent means the same ,and there is no difference.

How can you tell both shapes are similar?

to prove two triangles are similar, get 2 angles congruent

What is the difference between similar figures and congruent figures?

similar figures have the same shape but not the same lengths, while congruent shapes are the same as eachother.

What are the similarities of geometry figures?

Two geometric shapes are similar if they differ only in their size. For polygons this requires that the corresponding angles of the two polygons are congruent and that the ratio of their corresponding sides is the same.

Can irregular shapes be congruent?

Yes, irregular shapes can be congruent.

Why is it that if a shape is congruent its similar?

Congruency means that the given 2 figures are exactly same in shape and size. Thus all corresponding angles will also be the same.Similarity of shapes means that the 2 given shapes are same in shape but the measures of corresponding sides may not be the same. Since the shapes are the same, the corresponding angles are also same.If 2 shapes are congruent, they have equal corresponding angles. The equal angles satisfy the condition for the shapes being similar. Hence congruent shapes are similar as well.

Are Two congruent shapes are always similar?

yes they are it just has to be same size and shape

What is the problem if angles are not congruent?

None! If the angles are not congruent then the shapes are not similar of congruent. But that is not a problem. The angles of an equilateral triangle are not congruent to the angles of a square but that does not mean that you cannot work with equilateral triangles or squares!

What is two congruent shapes?

congruent shapes are the same shape and size... i think

When are shapes congruent?

Shapes are said to be congruent when they have the same dimensions and same angles

What is figures with the same shape but not necessarily the same size?

Similar shapes. Congruent is when they are exactly the same. Ex. O o similar o's O O congruent o's :) Helpful?

What does congruent mean in shapes?

A shape that is similar to another freakin shape i <3 Justin bieber

Do non congruent shapes have to be the same shape?

no they do not that is why tey are called non congruent shapes

What transformation will result in a similar figure?

An enlargement transformation will give the result of a similar shape.

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