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Some jobs you could have in ancient Egypt were:

  • fishermen
  • soldiers (men only)
  • blacksmiths (Men only)
  • priests
  • vassals
  • farmers
  • scribes (men only)
  • farmers
  • craftspeople

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there were many ancient Egyptian jobs including farmers,priests,craftspeople,blacksmiths,jewelers, animal breeders,scribes,pharaohs, bakers,artists

That would depend on the type of Egyptian you were talking about. Some were probably fishermen, others may've had jobs such as oasis builders.

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ancient Egyptian scribes had to write in hieroglyphics on papyrus, as a way of communication. most scribes worked for pharaoh's.

Some jobs of Ancient Egyptian craftspeople; -Coblers, shoe makers -Weavers, make linen and other materials -Jewelers, make jewelry -Sculptors, make sculptors of gods and pharaohs

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Some ancient Egyptian laws are the same as today. These are rape, theft, and assault. The punishments were different.

Scribes kept all kinds of records and so they have variety of jobs.

peasents? your question doesn't make sense

They worked at construction jobs for the Pharaoh.

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some jobs of slaves were to build the pyramid of the pharaoh.

Ancient Egyptian men would most-likely be a farmer or fisherman. But if gone to school; Egyptian men would be capable of being a scribe, priest, doctor, etc.

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They were the absolute rulers/monarchs of their country and, in additon, were believed to be descendants of Gods.

pancakes are good [they were people who write stuff down

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Some jobs that ancient Assyrians did were; farming, fighting as soldiers, or studying as a scribe. Hope this helps!

Some Egyptian cutting tools were made out of copper.

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