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One misconception is that the process is difficult.

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Why do you find the reciprocal of fractions when dividing?

Most people find multiplication by a fraction easier than dividing by a fraction. Dividing by a fraction is equivalent to multiplying by its reciprocal. For example, 10 / (3/4) would require you to divide by 3/4. How many three-quarters in ten? Hmmm... Not that easy. Instead, try multiplying by 4/3 Much easier: 10*(4/3) = 40/3 = 13.33...

Who were the first people to make changes to integers?

the first people to make changes in the integers are RAMANUJAM.

What is the percentage of 11 out of 17 people?

64.7 You can figure out percantage by dividing the smaller number by the large number and multiplying the answer by 100. ex 7 divided by 11 = 0.647 0.647 time 100 = 64.7

Are all integers natural?

Most people refer to the positive integers as the natural numbers. That would exclude the negative integers and zero.

What are some misconceptions about Africa?

That all people that live there are Black.

Misconceptions of DNA fingerprinting?

There are a great many misconceptions about DNA fingerprinting. Many people believe this will solve all problems with DNA for example.

What are the misconceptions about mental health?

That people who have mental illness are all crazy.

What set of integers list the natural numbers?

Traditionally, the set of integers that represents the natural numbers is {1,2,3,...}, which are the positive integers. Some people include the non-negative integers as the set of natural numbers, which is {0,1,2,3,...}, and includes 0.

What does the separation of people by race mean?

Dividing people on the basis of the color of their skin.

What are the different misconceptions on plant protective structure?

Normally people have different misconceptions regarding plant protective structure. A common misconception is that plant seeds are not living and does not require food.

What are misconceptions about AIDS?

One of the worst misconceptions of HIV/ AIDS is when people say "I am immune" or if they haven't gotten it by now they never will. which both are ignorant because no on is above it all or immune.

How do logarithms make scientific calculations easier?

Adding the logs of numbers is equivalent to multiplying the numbers. People think adding is easier than multiplying.

What is cancer and why do people get cancer?

Cancer is a deadly sickness and people get it from cells multiplying too rapidly

How math is needed?

Math is needed for many important reasons. Like... Money. When you grow up everyone's wish is to not be "broke" but to be wealthy and people can cheat you out of your money if you do not have knowledge on this subject. You also need to know how to count. counting comes with Subtracting , Multiplying, Dividing, and of course Adding.

Where do integers come from?

Some people say it came from China.

Two-fifths of 425 people love steak to find the number of people who chose steak you can mutiply 425 by?

170 people would choose steak. To figure this out take 425 and multiply it by 2/5 or .4. your equation should look like this: 425 x (2/5) = 170 . You can also think of this by multiplying 425 by 2 and then dividing by 5.

Is it true that all integers are created by god?

No.But some people believe that they are.

When did the idea of integers come to be?

Until someone first broke an item into separate parts all numbers were integers - people counted things... animals, people, days, all things were whole numbers.

What are the misconceptions people have about nutrition and being healthy?

Misconceptions--That meat and dairy products are essential to good nutrition.That the Atkins diet is the best way to lose weight.That medical treatments are the best way to stay healthy.

Is subtraction of even whole numbers closed?

Unfortunately, the term "whole numbers" is somewhat ambiguous - it means different things to different people. If you mean "integers", yes, it is closed. If you mean "positive integers" or "non-negative integers", no, it isn't.

Why can quantities with different units be multiplied or divided?

well because You can always multiply and divide units by a number. For example, suppose you have four chairs but find that you need twice as many for a party. Here's how you represent this idea in math:4 chairs 2 = 8 chairsSimilarly, suppose you have 20 cherries and want to split them among four people. Here's how you represent this idea:20 cherries 4 = 5 cherriesBut you have to be careful when multiplying or dividing units by units. For example:2 apples 3 apples = ? WRONG!12 hats 6 hats = ? WRONG!Neither of these equations makes any sense. In these cases, multiplying or dividing by units is meaningless.In many cases, however, multiplying and dividing units is okay. For example, multiplying units of length(such as inches, miles, or meters) results in square units:3 inches 3 inches = 9 square inches10 miles 5 miles = 50 square miles100 meters 200 meters = 20,000 square metersSimilarly, here are some examples of when dividing units makes sense:12 slices of pizza 4 people = 3 slices of pizza/person140 miles 2 hours = 70 miles/hourIn these cases, you read the fraction slash (/) as per: slices of pizza per person or miles per hour.

Recipe for kool-aid to serve 200 people?

Just follow the recipe multiplying the ingredients for 200 people.

What are the theoretical perspectives of social stratification?

social stratification is dividing people by class.

As the nuclear membrane reappears the cytoplasm is?

The answer is:Dividing-Good luck novaNET people

2 What were some of the misconceptions people had about the cause of the flu epidemic of 1918?

People thought that it traveled my food People who had the influenza where believed to be "bomed" which means they where sick in the head

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