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because of the rules and reasons to compete

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i don't know alot about Wrestling but all i know is that you can't grasp the opponent below the legs. i don't know alot about Wrestling but all i know is that you can't grasp the opponent below the legs.

the international olympic committee

They did direct Hellenic Games (Separated into four sections: Olympic, Pythian, Nemean and Istamian Games). The main events in each of the games included: Chariot Racing, Wrestling, Pankration (mix of wrestling and boxing, few rules), Stadion and other foot races.

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Wrestling has been around for ages. The Old Testament has a reference to Jacob wrestling with an angel. Modern wrestling rules have been around since the early 20th Century.

Pancratium was an Ancient Olympic event that was a mix of wrestling and boxing. The only rules were no gouging an opponent's eyes and no biting.

704B.C by Thesus.... Ancient wrestling anyways.... more modern was in the 1800's in France they altered some rules...

NO KICKING*NO cheating *no hitting *no swering *follow instructions

The rules of Diaulos are comparable to the rules for the modern 400 meter dash. Diaulos was a race that became a first addition to the Olympic program during the 14th century.

no well yes... OK see what happens is the Olympic sport of naked wrestling existed but i have seen that it was changed with modern times. in some of Greece though they wrestle in there undies covered in oil. and anything goes no rules!

If they started early they would be beaten or disqualified

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One athlete from the home country promises on behalf of all the competitors to take part in the Olympic Games by abiding the rules, without cheating or using drugs. The exact words are: In the name of all the competitors I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, committing ourselves to a sport without doping and without drugs, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams. One of the judges also repeats a similar oath.

Ancient Greeks changed the rules over time as things got more advanced in the games. Ancient Greeks changed the rules over time as things got more advanced in the games.

In catch wrestling, you may do strangle hold moves, but in the US old rules they saw this as un-sports man like conduct from the normal style as well, but maybe seen in Shoot Professional wrestling in the USA and else where today, but not in Olympic wrestling which Catch wrestling is not an Olympic sport. In the Japan and Europe, they use these type moves of choking and strangle hold moves. Normal wrestling can be just grappling, but in catch wrestling it may consist of low kicks, throws, and sleeper holds and many other moves. What places did use Catch wrestling? UWF Bushido UFC (Also normal wrestling can be seen here) Hybrid wrestling

Acc to modern olympic rules, each game is played for 21 points, best of 3s

Professional wrestling is an enacted game where the winners and losers are decided even before the match starts. The wrestlers cooperate and help their opponent execute some moves on them. It is more of a drama Olympic wrestling is a sport where the aim is not to beat up your opponent but to put him on the mat and wrestle him to victory.

Entering the Olympic games requires many years of determination, training, and following the rules of the International Federation. The home country is responsible for entering the athlete into the Olympics.

Fight. Pankration was a blend of wrestling and boxing. Kicks were allowed. It must have looked like mixed martial arts of today except that it was conducted in the nude. Anything was allowed except eye gouging and biting. The referee carried a stick and would hit pankratiasts who broke these rules. (The Spartans refused to enter because they thought these two rules were two too many.) Wrestling and boxing were separate sports. In 1896, when the Olympic Games began again, it was decided that pankration was the only original Olympic event that would not be revived.

Rules for individual sports are made by the governing body of that sport. The rules may be adapted for the Olympic format by the Olympic committee. Rules directly relevant to the Olympics are also decided by the IOC, the International Olympic Committee.

well there weren't many but the first one was chariot racing, there are other ones too like boxing, wrestling and the nastiest sport was the pankration which had very little rules BUTthere were two rules and they were NO gouging peoples eyes out and NO biting each other and those are the only rules that i know of. thanks for LOOKING at my answer it probably wasen't any help but i tried my best.

There are 17 rules in soccer. They can be found in the FIFA Laws of the Game.