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Advantages and disadvantages of daisy wheel printers?

what is the advantages of daisy wheels

What are the advantages and disadvantages of inkjet printers?

Advantages:the colour is perfectit is faster than dot matrix, daisy wheel and laser printers.Disadvantages:very expensive

What are the advantages and disadvantages of daisy-wheel printers?

In my opinion, there are no advantages of a daisy wheel printer. I found them noisy, slow, and having to change the wheel to use a different font was a bind.

Which type of physical topology uses a single length of cable end to end?

A bus topology uses cable to go from one device to another, in a daisy chain. There are no other devices required, such as hubs, switches, repeaters, etc.

Difference between daisy chained and non daisy chain?

A daisy chain is a chain of daisies tied together ( I would know that because of my name )

What is the advantages and disadvantages of data communication?

To beter understand the area computer networks, one should understand the basic broad categories of computer networks and data communication. For example one should be able to define each of the following terms. The two basic categories of network topologies are: . Physical Topology .Logical Tpology The Basic Topology of Network. 1) Point to Point 2) Bus 3) Star 4) Ring or Circular 5) Mesh 6) Tree 7) Hybrid 8) Daisy . Advantages of Network . Disadvantages of Network . Introduction of Network Types

When was Daisy Chain born?

Daisy Chain was born on August 24, 1965, in Carmel, California, USA.

What actors and actresses appeared in Daisy Chain - 2011?

The cast of Daisy Chain - 2011 includes: Sameera Steward as Aimee

What actors and actresses appeared in The Daisy Chain - 2013?

The cast of The Daisy Chain - 2013 includes: Fiona Shaw as Narrator

What is the birth name of Daisy Chain?

Daisy Chain's birth name is Karen Mason.

What are the advantages and disadvatages of a daisy wheel printer?

Advantages: the final print copy looks like it's been typed on a high quality typewriter. Disadvantages: They're VERY noisy, slow and you must change the ribbon frequently.

What actors and actresses appeared in Daisy Chain - 2009?

The cast of Daisy Chain - 2009 includes: Alexander Hilary as Doug Step Rowe as Kelly

Which ports transmit data to up to 127 devices in a daisy chain?

USB ports transmit data to up ti 127 devices in a daisy chain.

Worlds longest daisy chain?

I made a 16meters 10cm flower chain and this is the longest flower chain in the world.

What is daisy chain bus arbitration scheme?

Daisy chain bus arbitration:- In daisy chain bus arbitration the devices which send request to the controller are connected dependently like a chain. The first device gets the priority to send request until it finishes the requests and then next. This arbitration can be stoped if system falls.It's not fast

What is linear bus?

A linear bus topology is a straight line (linear) topology which wires devices in a straight, sequential fashion (like daisy-chaining). It is characterized by a very simple and easy way to create a LAN but has problems with breaks in any of the cables in the topology. This linear bus topology does not require a central connectivity device such as a hub, switch, or router.

What is a chain network?

A daisy chain network is a way to describe a network topology whereby one computer is connected directly to a second, which in turn is connected to a third, which in turn is connected to a fourth, etc. Thinnet and phonenet are examples of this type of technology. These days, it is extremely uncommon to come across such a network. Chain networks allow people to look at the big picture; giving them a better understanding of the flow of materials and information.

Can you daisy chain USB hubs?

Yes. USB can support 127 devices per port which allows for daisy chaining.

What is a daisy chain used for?

To stop a horse bucking or eating the grass

What actors and actresses appeared in The Cub and the Daisy Chain - 1915?

The cast of The Cub and the Daisy Chain - 1915 includes: Sidney Drew as Jimmy - The Cub Reporter Walter Horton Donald MacBride

What actors and actresses appeared in Daisy Chain - 2006?

The cast of Daisy Chain - 2006 includes: Pat Laeger as The Voice of Rollon Tony Ocana as Professor Andre Popov Tom Seim as Orange Juice Kid Frank Sjodin as Billy Kendra Tregaskis as Daisy

Why are series circuits sometimes called current coupled or daisy chain coupled?

daisy chains are strings or loops of actual growing daisy flowers. To make a ckain, you pluck a blossom with about 2" of stem. With your fingernail, make a slit along the stem so that you can slide the stem of the second daisy through it..DON'T PUSH IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH. When the blossom of the second daisy reaches the slit in the first stem,STOP!!Now,holding the 2 stems together, slit the second stem just like the first and insert a third daisy stem into this slit.Now,holding the three daisies in a chain together,make a slit and insert a fourth stem.continue until your daisy chain is as long as you wa-ooops- one of the slits in the chain etended to its end and broke that segment.you did all that work before and after the break,but the daisy needs fixing.my grandmother taught me how to daisychain.

Name some devices that can be daisy-chained?

fans, floppy driveshttp://www.answerbag.com/q_view/447514http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daisy_chain_%28information_technology%29http://www.yourdictionary.com/computer/daisy-chainWhat_is_a_daisy_chainhttp://www.thefind.com/computers/info-daisy-chain-computer-interface-module

What has the author Sue Sully written?

Sue Sully has written: 'The unambitious man' 'The Daisy Chain'

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