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healthy food.

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Q: What are the best foods to eat before a football game?
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When is the best time to go shopping for football stuff?

after a football game

Which is the best football manager game?

Football manager series is the best. Probably football manager 2011 is the best as its up to date with all the transfers.

What kind of foods do you eat before a basketball game?

Eat a diet high in carbohydrates before the game.Eat a diet high in carbohydrates before the game.

Is football good?

football is the best game in the world because you can attack people.

Is it ok to shave before a football game?

That is your choice.

What are the best foods to eat before a football game and when should they be eaten?

Depends on person but something high in carbohydrates for energy is good. Example: Pasta And you should probably eat between one and one and half hours beforehand. After that, just light fluids.

In what countries is Arena Football played?

Arena football is an indoor American football game in the United States. The game is best known from Arena Football League, which is based in the United States, like the game itself.

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What are good foods to eat before a soccer game Why are they good for you?

Carbohydrates are the best thing for you to eat "before" a game (best a couple of days before or the evening before the game). This includes things such as:PastaCerealsGrainsBreadRiceFruit & VegCrackersBagelsThe reason why these are the best things to eat is that they are most efficient food for the bodies energy also have a soccer game also so im eating pasta and bread!!

How can you keep you arousal high before a football game?


Why do football players chew tobacco?

Many football players chew before a game to reduce stress and calm them down for the upcoming game.

How can you predict any football game before it begins?

I am psychic, but it doesn't take a psychic to figure this out.The score before every football game would be 0-0.Signed,The psychic girl

When should you drink a red bull the night before a football game or just before?

Just before is best it if u drink it the night before It won't do much if you drink it before it will give you a burst of energy and focus because it has taurine

Which comes first before a football game presentation of colors or pre game prayer?


You do not have any special powers but you can predict the score of any football games before it begins How can you do this?

The score of any football game before it begins is: 0 - 0 Seems to me that nobody has scored any points before the game starts.

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The best PS2 football/soccer is FIFA 10

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