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Phiten necklaces. They contain titanium and help to relax muscles for better performance.

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What are two things Boston is famous for?

New England Clam Chowder Boston Baked Beans Boston Cream Pie

What does sports teach players?

It teaches players sportsmanshipresponsiblityintelligenceand other things

What are 2 things players are not allowed to do in a serve in volleyball?

One of the things volleyball players aren't allowed to do is step on or past the serving line.

Why do many pitchers wear heavy braided necklaces?

they are not heavy, it is called a power/ balance bands, some do different things: strength balance etc.

Explain the events of the boston massacre?

Colonists were mad over taxes and formed a mob around a british solodier Throwing things and calling him names

What basketball players died on the court?

You can google it and things will come up.It was mostly highschool and college players though.

Things that come in groups of eleven?

soccer players pro soccer players on the field and 11 ladies dancing

What town in Massachusetts has the most history?

Boston. It is where the Mayflower landed and the BostonTea party occured there. (There is many more things that happened in Boston such as Thanksgiving, but these are just some.)

What does the term 'playing big' mean in basketball?

Playing big basically means doing actions that generally people at that size cannot do. Take Rajon Rondo, for example. A point guard for the Boston Celtics, he is only around 6'2". However, should he rebound efficiently and dunk (some things taller players do), he is "playing big."

What happened in Boston in 1822?

How many people lived in Boston in 1822; and how many things happened to each of them? Rephrase your question. ie: Why is the year 1822 significant in the History of Boston?

Why do rugby players run around naked after scoring?

I dont actually believe that this is a normal reaction. Its certainly not in either codes under the professional rulings, However, there re some players that take dares in after match celebrations and can be involved in some things of this nature

What is the adjective for Boston?

A adjective for Boston could be many things. Boston is a very big place and that is why we could do "noisy Boston"..some people may find Boston boring so you could say "Boring Boston"..boring is the adjective. You can probably come up with millions of other ideas but here are some of mine: Exciting Boston large Boston beautiful Boston adventurous Boston romantic Boston Historic Boston crazy Boston marvelous Boston So as you can see these are just SOME adjectives to describe Boston, but you can probably think of more.

What things do china trade with Boston?

Clothes,shoes, an most of our furniture

What are things that come in groups of eleven?

eleven players per team play on a football team at one time.soccer players

Can mp3 players get apps?

no regular mp3 players can not get apps the only things that can are the ipod touch, iphone .android phone and the blackberry

Things that come in group of eleven?

Eleven players of a soccer team.

How do you use rsgold?

Buy things from other players or use the GrandExchange

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