What are the catagories of statistics?

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Descriptive and inferential
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Details of statistics?

Statistics are used in daily life for many different purposes.These include predicting trends, research, verify information, andanalyzing data.

What is a statistical variable?

Answer to what is a statistical variable . In my humble opinion, what people mean with a statistical variable is the same as a random variable, which is explained well in wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random_variable.

What are statistics?

The word "Statistics" which comes from the Latin words status , meaning a political state, originally meant information useful to the state, for example, information about the sizes of population sand armed forces. But this word has now acquired different meanings. · In the first place , the wo ( Full Answer )

What are inmportance of Statistics?

Answer . 25% say it is important for ranking. 25% say it is important for demographics. 25% say to classify things. 80% say to help spend government money

What is statistics?

Statistics is a branch of mathematics in which data of a specific topic can be organized and show in a clearly way.

What is a statistic?

The related link should help you to understand the word statistics and statistic.A statistic is a numerical quantity or value that is obtain from a set of data.The set of data may also be termed a sample of a population. A statistic can be calculated from the sample.Other definitions add more about ( Full Answer )

What is statistic?

A statistic is simply the count of something. Statistics (plural) is the count of something added to or compared to the count of something else. Jane has: 4 apples 6 bananas 2 pears Jane has 12 pieces of fruit and I have 6 oranges. Jane has twice as many pieces of fruit as I do.

Difference between statistic and statistics?

A statistic is a distinct, descriptive value that has been acquired by some method (measured, counted, etc.). Statistics is the subjective and objective manipulation of the values acquired. A statistic is simply the count of something. Statistics (plural) is the count of something added to or com ( Full Answer )

What are the statistics of asthma?

WWI was caused by all of the following EXCEPT: A.Austria-Hungary's fears of looking weakby not punishing Serbia for the assassination of its crownprince. B.Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany's militaryaggressiveness. C.Interlocking alliance agreements betweenvarious European nations. D.The Communist ov ( Full Answer )

What is a statistics?

a statistic is somethign that helps you write a spech. it is a little story but not to short to help the audience understand the topic but not long of a story just a short one to get to the point and describe it>

Difference between statistics and statistic?

Statistics is the name of the subject. It is the general definition which deals with the collection, presentation and interpretation of data. On the other hand, statistic is a test used to test a hypothesis. It is commonly applied to sample cases. A statistic is a description of some measure, such ( Full Answer )

Scope of statistics?

Statistics is analyzing numbers. Businesses use statistics so thatthey can determine the best way to approach various aspects ofbusiness.

Where can you get swimming statistics?

It depends on the statistics you are looking for. Rankings of competitve swimmers competing at high levels can often be found on the national swimming body's website. (eg the amatuer swimming association in Britain, or or the American swimming association) If you are looking for results from a parti ( Full Answer )

What are the fields of statistics?

Statistics is the mathematical science involving the collection andanalysis of data. The fields are actuarial science,astrostatistics, biostatistics, business analytics, epidemiology,and operation research; along with a few more.

What are the division of statistics?

The division of statistics are generally divided into two groups:inferential and descriptive. Inferential statistics require that aconclusion is drawn from data, based almost solely on humaninference. Descriptive statistics are numbers that describe a setof data.

Statistics in agriculture?

statistics is present in agriculture because it is used to maintain the progress and the needs of every plant and also of animals within the place. since statistics is also associated with sensus this will have to do with knowing how many agricultural products should be produce and maintain.

In statistics what is summation?

in statistics, summation denoted by upper case sigma, is used to find the sum of a series of observation in a particular variable.

What is the role of statistics in medicine statistics?

For decades, biostatistics has played an integral role in modern medicine in everything from analyzing data to determining if a treatment will work to developing clinical trials. The School of Global Public Health defines biostatistics as "the science of obtaining, analyzing and interpreting data in ( Full Answer )

What are catagories?

catagories are something that you can put something in and classify it by. (when i say put something in i mean to group i not physically do it.) for example, the questions on hear are catagorized, so like, if you had a question about Abraham Lincoln it would go in the history catagory. or a question ( Full Answer )

What are the catagories of comics?

Horror, Mystery & Crime, humour, romance, drama, action, adolescent books ( for adults only), children comics (like daffy duck and all that Looney toon or Power puff girl stuff) and yeah.... Basically the catagories a book would have

What catagorie of taste buds does spicy go under?

Spicy is not actually a sense of taste. Spicy food is actually picked up by pain fibers on the tongue. There is some dispute over how many senses of taste we have, generally we refer to four (however there is argued to be a fifth) main categories - bitter, salty, sour, and sweet.

What is the difference between statistics and statistics?

They are both the same word. However, one single word is capable of having different meanings in the English Language. I would recommend you research Wikipedia or other resources to learn more about the subject of it definition.

What are the Oscar catagories?

The Oscar awards given annually for excellence in the dept of both arts & science for excellence in the Film world since 1927-28 with it's 1st presentation held on 16 May 1929 held at the Blossom Banquet H'wood Roosevelt Hotel. After it's 1st presentation some categories were struck off while new ca ( Full Answer )

What are the science catagories?

here are a few answers:chemistry,computers,earth space,engineering,mathmatics,physics,behavior/social,biochemistry/microbiology, botany,environmental,medicine/health,zoology,engineering/computers/mathmatics ,and physical science.(I got this all from science class)

What is a statist?

Statism is the doctrine that maintains that your life, money andproperty are not yours, but the property of the state. A statist isany individual who upholds this doctrine and/or supports itsimplementation. A statist knows that he cannot get away with-at least, notyet-openly declaring that your lif ( Full Answer )

What can statistics do?

In short, statistics is basically the study of data. It includes examining both the process of obtaining data and understanding the data. Statistics is present everywhere. Every time a poll is conducted or a study done and numbers reported, statistics are at work. Probability is also a branch of sta ( Full Answer )

Are statistics factual?

Statistics is not considered facts at all, unless maybe statistical facts. Statistics is widely used in medicine and science and provide a solid foundation upon where theories become rationalized. It can be used to convey messages of opinion and this is often only true to those actually taking p ( Full Answer )

What is ninferential statistics?

Its means you are trying to reach a conclusion beyond thelimitations of the data. All it is, is once you reach the end of the data you make aneducated conclusion based on the trends and patterns of the data.

Roles of a inferential statistics in statistics?

Statistics is a general field of numeric quantities and what they represent. For example, a statistic may be inferential or descriptive. Inferential statistics are special kinds of statistics that use sampling distributions to make inferences from a sample to a population of interest (hopefully that ( Full Answer )

What is existing statistics?

secondary data source on which you rely on what other people have already published about the topic at hand.

What are the statistics of hyperthyroidism?

The ratio of women:men who have hyperthyroidism is 10:1. Two to five percent of women have hyperthyroidism. 1000 women are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism every year. 100 men are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism every year.

What are disadvantages of statistics?

Statistics is quantative analysis tool and therefore only looks a general trends for patterns such as the correlation between two things (such as crime and poverty) with out examining the minutiae of individuals experiences. The other form of analysis is qualitative research, which would comprise t ( Full Answer )

What are the catagories of science?

Chemistry, biology and science are the main categories but there are many sub catergories eg. Agricultural science, bio chemistry, marine biology, nuero science the list goes on!

What is the object of statistics?

to carry out research using quantitative methodology. To interpret relevant business statistics models. Use statistical data to make economic decitions.

What is lag in statistic?

An event occuring at time t+k is said to lag behind event occurring at time t. Extent of lag is k.

What is statistics and data?

Statistics are values that give information about a group. For example, 60% of teens in the US graduate high school is a statistic because it gives a number, 60%, to tell information about a group of people, teenagers. (This statistic was made up for an example). Data is the information collected to ( Full Answer )

What catagorie is marijuana in?

Sorry, what do you mean? Like, what drug catagory such as whether or not its in the same legal class as other illegal drugs?

What are the star catagories?

The stars are categorised (Stellar classification) by the spectrum as observed from Earth. There are seven main categories and many lesser categories. The mnemonic to remember them by is O h B e A F ine G irl K iss M e - but you can make your own up. . O - Blue stars . B - Blue-w ( Full Answer )

What catagorie does Lortab show in a drug test?

Lorocet contains hydrocodone and Tylenol. It is a very dangerous drug for damage to internal organs. The 10/650 Blue Lorecet for example contains 10mg Hydrocodone (a couple molecules different from Oxycodone) and 650mg Tylenol. Do the math! If you take more then 3 or 4 per day, you ARE damaging your ( Full Answer )

What catagories to arthropods fall under?

In taxonomy, the phylum is a major category towards the top of theheirarchial tree. Notwithstanding there are several classificationsabove (higher). Arthropods are directly below a taxonPanarthropoda, which is under Ecdysozoa (moulters with a certaindescription of cuticle), Protostomia (bilaterally ( Full Answer )

Why do you have statistics?

Notice that the word statistics is closely related to the word state . Some statistical methods were initially developed by governments as ways of gaining greater control over their populations although it must be said that at the same general time in history individuals such as Florence Nigh ( Full Answer )