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What are the interior angles of an isosceles trapezoid whose parallel sides are 7.35 cm and 3.44 cm with an area of 53.95 square cm showing work and answer to an appropriate degree of accuracy?


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December 20, 2014 12:49PM

Area: 0.5*(7.35+3.44)*height = 53.95 sq cm

Height: (2*53.95)/(7.35+3.44) = 10 cm

The isosceles trapezoid will have right angle triangles at each side with a base of (7.35-3.44)/2 = 1.955 cm and to find the angles use the tangent ratio as follows:-

Tangent^-1(10/1.955) = 79 degrees rounded

Base angles are equal and so therefore angles are: 79, 79, 101 and 101 degrees