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Football as the most skilfull game in the world, It is a hard question to answer as there are many different skills involved in football, but in all honesty the single most significant skill in football is the ability to be able to control the ball with foot - it is something that comes mostly naturally to the greatest footballers like Pele and Maradona and cannot be taught. Everything else is secondary to this one skill, because if you can't instantly bring a football under control when it is passed to you then it will be impossible to get the ball to do anything you want it to do (there are certain techniques that are used when controlling a ball which is to do with judging the speed of the ball and adopting the correct body shape to stop the ball in a way that it is brought under control - mostly though it is a natural gift that cannot be taught). The endless other skills required are being able to shoot accurately, pass, cross, dribble, tackle, curl the ball, head...and hundreds of tricks used to go past people (watch Ronaldinho)

  • Fundamentally, all skills of football lie between two basic skills. These two skills are receiving the ball and passing the ball. Of course you can receive a ball in multiple ways and you can pass in an equal number of ways. But these two skills are the very basic needs to play Gods game we call football. Oh and most importantly, skills cannot be taught. God gives it to a selected few. Ofcourse God gives others the same heart as a player, or else, why is this game the greatest game on earth? :)
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Q: What are the major skills in Football and what are the correct points of technique in order to carry out these skills accurately?
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