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A study of kung fu is overwhelmingly positive, but there are some negatives. And a great deal will depend upon the style of kung fu, the school and the specific teacher. Pros Health Benefits Flexibility Muscle Tone Stress Relief Cardio Vascular work outs Self Defense Improves Focus Provides Achievable Goals Can provide good social interaction All contribute to being a better person Cons Availability of locations - Kung Fu is not as popular as karate and tai chi and has many styles. If you are a mobile individual, moving may cut you off from the style you are working on. Time Commitment - This isn't something you do for an hour week, you have to practice! Risk of Injury - Can be minimal depending on style, school and teacher. Costs - Can be excessive or reasonable depending on style, school and teacher.

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How many Kung Fu panda movies are there?

Kung Fu and Kung Fu Panda 2 .

What is real Kung Fu?

Kung fu comes from China. Shaolin monks teach real kung fu there.

Do pandas know Kung Fu?

Pandas know kung fu only in the Kung Fu Pandauniverse.

How can I learn kung fu?

You can learn Kung Fu by registering for a martial arts class that teaches Kung Fu.

Does cote de Pablo practice martial arts?

Yes she is studying the Israeli form of Kung Fu

What is the forerunner of kung-fu?

Some think the oldest for of Kung Fu is called Sua Chao (sp?) a Mongolian form of kung fu.

What was made first Kung Fu or karate?

Kung fu.

When was My Kung Fu created?

My Kung Fu was created in 2004.

What are the belts in Kung Fu?

There are no belts in Kung Fu. It may look like that Kung Fu is simula to karate but do you see anybody doing Kung Fu in tornaments wear belts? no.

What is the name of a old Kung Fu tv show?

The only old tv show I know of that featured kung fu was, in fact, Kung Fu, starring David Carridine.

How many Kung Fu Panda films are there?

Two: Kung Fu Panda & Kung Fu Panda 2.

Who loves Kung Fu movies?

I love kung fu movies!

What is the name pos Kung Fu gang?

kung fu warriors

What country did Kung Fu come from?

Kung Fu came from China.

What is the name of the Kung Fu Panda song?

kung fu fighting

What do the Kung Fu animals represent?

different styles of kung fu

What the order of Kung Fu belts?

It depends on the style of kung fu because many of the kung fu styles don't even have belts in them.

Is Kung Fu part of tai kwon do?

No, kung fu is not a part of taekwondo. Taekwondo is a martial art from Korean. Kung fu is from China.

Is Kung Fu from Okinawa?

{| |- | No, Kung fu is not from Okinawa. Kung fu originated in China, with roots in India. Kung fu was brought to Okinawa by the Chinese and combined with the local arts to become what we know today as karate. |}

Do you need to capitalize kung fu?

Normally kung fu will not be capitalized. If you are referring to a specific style, such as White Crane Kung Fu, you would capitalize all the words. Or if referring to the the television show Kung Fu.

Is it Kung Fu-tse or Kung Futse?

It is Kung fu-tzu or Kung fu-tse. The modern and more widely used romanization variant is Kong Fuzi.

How do you say Kung Fu Panda in Spanish?

kung fu panda. exactly the same as english!

What was the purpose of Kung Fu?

The purpose of kung fu is to promote spiritual growth.

Who is the father of Kung Fu?

According to legend, the Bodhidharma was the father of kung fu.

What kind of Kung Fu is taught at the Shaolin temple?

Shaolin Kung Fu